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Another Knee Jerk BUGS Blackout

Well, Stormfront Refugees, the comments are familiar again.

I mentioned “der Tag” in the title of an article about what we need to do here and now, and about all I got was comments about Hitler and National Socialism.

On Stormfront the politics of the 1930s was dominant, second only to the latest news headlines as ordered by the national media. So it was Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.

I’ll tell you one thing that Hitler DIDN’T do: That was to spend all his time talking about some political figure from seventy years before his time, and he didn’t spend all his time breathlessly talking about the latest news.

Which is, if you remember, why we came here FROM Stormfront.

I just did an article about how one of our commenters had used the ridiculous libservative term “race mixer,” which takes us back to pre-Mantra days.

This is the same sort of thing. I try to make a point about OUR timing but I used the term “der Tag.” Naturally, all I got was babble about Hitler.

Just like Good Old Stormfront.

Another BUGS Blackout.