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Too Many of You are Still Jewaholics

Somebody threw in “Israel for Jews” into my nice, neat, Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans.

Outside of satisfying your ADDICTION for talking about Jews, what GOOD does that do?

The Jews and Hitler are what every anti-white is desperate to get into. He can get off into a discussion of the Middle East

Worst of all, any mention of Jews or Israel is completely familiar to everybody, and gets their minds off of our NEW points about white genocide that they have never heard of before.

The best thing you can do for anti-whites is to talk abut Jews and Communists. We work our asses off to put them on totally unfamiliar ground where they can’t come up with anything, and then some drooling institution escapee EXPOSES JOOS or Commies.

Why don’t you just cut our legs off LITERALLY.

If you come from BUGS and talk about Jews, Israel, or whatever Stormfront addiction you are addicted to, I beg you to GO ELSEWHERE.

And, please, I was in alcohol and drug recovery and I sponsored a number of people, so don’t tell me you can take just one little sip, one little mention of JOOS and then leave it alone.

If you are a jewaholic, don’t take the first goddam drink, and don’t mention the first Jew.