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Congratulations on Mantra Thinking!

One commenter said he gets confused when he wants to trace ideas to me. He seems to indicate a certain guilt about this.

No way, Jose!

You are doing EXACTLY what, years ago, I could only call Mantra Thinking.

Years ago, when those who are now called the “old hands,” Lord Nelson, the Trucker, WR, had not yet begun here, I would talk about Mantra Thinking. I still do.

But, like the use of the Mantra itself, it is really impossible to explain MT to people who have not been here, been out THERE with our message, and had practice in these things.

Other people are sincerely trying to sell you doctrines. I am trying to sell a Way of Thinking. My goal is and always has been to get you to see the holes in the world that I see people falling through all the time the way I do.

Back in the Chained Book Age, it made no difference whatsoever whether what you said was true or not, or whether what you said WORKED or not. All that made the slightest difference was quoting an Authority, and above all quoting him in Latin or Greek. So no matter how many studies you did, men had more teeth than women because ARISTOTLE said so.

Taking blood from sick people never did them any good, but you could quote Galen, not just in Latin, but in the high-class language of upper class Romans, GREEK, stating flatly that what George Washington needed when he was near death from pneumonia was to have his veins opened and a quart or two of his blood put into a bowl.

This kind of crap would be a joke, and a rather superficial one, if it had not chained US to our chained books.

So in these million words, I said over and over that I was showing you DISCIPLINE in how to save our race. I did not want to get sidetracked, but I would say from time to time that what this discipline, this Other Kind of thinking, would end up in was a new kind of thinking.

And when one of you describes it to me, he sounds APOLOGETIC!

In answer, I should sound CONGRATULATORY!

It took me years to get anyone to use the Mantra itself, but now that we are a Swarm the Mantra Thinking has gotten under way, and I can see why no one would notice it but me.

Our thinking is the latest stage in the transition from the Chained Book Age to the Google Age.

In the Chained Book Age, information was hard to come by. Now it overwhelms us. Mantra Thinking asks, “Why was this particular information produced?”

Mantra Thinking is ANALYSIS of information. It is the careful study of the BASICS BEHIND information.

For me, Mantra Thinking is like the Mantra itself: You can’t understand it until you get used to using it. And once you get used to using it, you will see people who use the old thinking as dunces.

So this was glad tidings, and I offer my congratulations. Before we discuss a history of thought, let’s develop the thinking.