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Upon Bob’s insistence, I would like to announce a change in comment policy regarding the daily article.

Starting tomorrow we will enforce a policy of one comment per commenter per article per day. Any following comments or those that are off topic will be deleted, regardless of merit.

Bob and I don’t wish to discourage commenting, but we are doing this to encourage a well written and thought out comment to reduce mental diarrhea.

The swarm will not be affected by this change.



Jewaholism 2

Using the title again will galvanize your interest.

I wrote an article on Jewaholism and the comments reached 62 before BoardAd had to make an editorial decision to end the comments

In my next article, I congratulated you on a major step forward in our history, and only one of two comments on it had anything to say about that. The rest of the comments to that article was still about Jewaholism and bitches about BoardAd’s editorial decision.

This ignoring of my congratulations and concentration on Jews is as insulting as you can possibly be to me and to my message. But I am sure no one noticed that but me.

No, commenters were too busy telling me how I insulted them or how I am a Cult Leader.

But if this sort of thing really bothered me I would have gotten out of this business long ago.

So the comments on Jewaholism are over seventy and climbing, while my congratulations’ comment score is one or maybe two.

Which shows you the ratio interest in Jews is to interest in what I have to say here.

I’m used to this. I expect it.

Clearly if I want to get even OUR readers really involved, I should talk about Jews and other fascinating issues.

But I am not interested in large numbers of enthusiastic dues-payers.

I’m looking for a few good BRAINS.