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Go, BoardAd, Go!

William Pierce, the highly successful leader of the National Alliance, was a man I knew, liked, and respected. As soon as he died, the organization became moribund.

Something he said near the end of his life has become the basis of what I want from BUGS.

He was asked if there was anyone to take over after his demise. He is reported to have replied, “Yes, but none of them are still alive.” This struck the people who quoted it to me as a piece of ironic humor.

It didn’t amuse me.

It scared the hell out of me.

The man was stating frankly that he had thrown his LIFE away!

I didn’t consider that a bit amusing.

If you can keep that ironic remark in mind without a blackout, you can understand that I am on the hunt to have people on hand who can take the BUGS message right on without a break, whether I am here or not.

For years BoardAd has been the anchor for our tech work and done the WORK of being editor.

I have been urging him for years to take over and MAKE DECISIONS as editor. HE felt he was too young. So I am ECSTATIC that he has decided to get in here and take control.

One thing I had to learn over the years was delegation. It takes guts to delegate. But you have probably had experience with management that thinks it has to monitor every single step taken by those it manages. You can’t play that game in the big leagues.

If you delegate you become responsible for others’ mistakes. It’s scary.

But if you DON’T delegate, your managerial sphere is going to be VERY limited.

And if you don’t delegate, especially after the age of 70, you might be saying that everything you have worked for dies with you.

Intellectually I begat White Rabbit and he begat beefcake. But it never occurred to White Rabbit or beefcake to clear their initiatives with me.

To put it another way, Ole Coach will advise you when you need it, but you’re the one in the field.

I can’t do your blocking or your passing for you.

And one day the guys on the field now will have to coach their own teams.

If not, the season will be over forever.