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I Hate to be Nice to Anybody, but I Can’t Improve on Dick Whitman’s Statement!

I’ve played both high school and college basketball. I’ve seen coaches scream at my teammates and I, in at least one case (in High School), remember a player bursting out in tears. I saw a coach slap a teammate in the face for being too soft. These coaches demanded excellence and when we made stupid mistakes, we would hear about it. The meanest coach I ever had (and most demanding) now coaches at a very high level (he won a lot and made his players better and went from coaching high school JV teams to Div 1 College in 10 years).

I see Bob as being no different than any of these coaches. He demands excellence and when we make stupid mistakes, we hear about it. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! Just like these coaches I had, Bob wants to win and make you better.

Now for the troll situation. Because our enemy cannot handle our message outright they will use dirty tricks. Trolling is one such dirty trick. And the sophistication of the trolls will increase. As you see with the current troll, he was here a long time and even took time to spread the Mantra in the past.

In fact, trolls will use spreading the Mantra as their pretext to be here to engage in trolling activities. They’ll spread the Mantra one minute, and then start attacking other pro-Whites the next (or engage in other trolling activities).

Eventually what we’ll see is a troll or a couple trolls (who used to post here or do at this time) start websites committed to smearing BUGS or FTWR. Their main purpose will be to keep others from staying on our message. In fact, there will be people who posted here for years who will one day turn on us and start stirring shit against BUGS.

They’ll say “Don’t start posting at BUGS, those people are all cult members…I used to post there..stay away…BUGS is there to keep you from discussing the Jews…Whitaker is a Jew…blah,blah,blah…etc., etc.”

You guys need to remember that this is a legitimate war. The enemy (anti-Whites) can not handle our message. All they can do is use dirty tricks against us while trying to censor us. And as the message spreads farther (and the anti-White system starts collapsing even faster), the dirty tricks will become MORE DIRTY and more sophisticated.

Wars require disciplined personnel to carry out a plan of action in order to neutralize an enemy system. Wars are stressful and uncertain. But we (pro-Whites) are willing to accept the stress and uncertainty because we feel/believe/understand the importance of saving our race (by destroying the anti-White system by disseminating the mantra to the tipping point).

We will disseminate the Mantra to the tipping point.
We will disseminate the Mantra to the tipping point.
We will disseminate the Mantra to the tipping point.(1)