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Yes, Ole Bob is Fussy as Hell

It is almost impossible to explain how the Mantra works until you use it. As comments here show, once you use the Mantra you go into a phase where you simply cannot believe others DON’T use it.

In my experience, nobody who has used the Mantra has ever STOPPED using it.

Mantra Thinking is in the same category. I don’t define it, I expect you to grow into using it. Once you do, I don’t think you will ever STOP using it.

Much of my writing here that doesn’t seem to relate to the Mantra uses some Mantra Thinking on such a wide range of subjects that the thinking itself very hard is to see. Commenters are usually so lost in making general comments on their world view that they don’t notice the Mantra Thinking connection.

Most never will.

But it is VITAL to me that SOME do.

That is the reason I keep bitching so unkindly about Black Outs.

Always remember that I am honestly, seriously, deeply worried about making the mistake Roger Pearson did. My whole, repeat, my WHOLE concern is in NOT leaving a hole when I go that cannot be filled.

So when I read Dick Whitman’s comment, published in full in another article here, it was my idea of fulfillment.

When I write about Black Outs, it is out of FEAR, which is where most genuine anger comes from.

I bitched about your Black Out when you were having that long discussion on David Duke.

Insults and unfounded accusations about Doctor Dave didn’t worry me because I know him pretty well, and he has been subjected to so much abuse, including physical beatings, that you would have to be a past Master to hit him with one that would really bother him.

I have written that Dave is a great man and he has been a hero of mine all my life. He doesn’t need my protection.

My problem was not with what you did say, but with what you DIDN’T say.

You discussed a lot of things about Jews and about Dave, but what really saddened me was the hole you left.

After eighty or so comments I had to be the ONLY one to talk about the all-important difference between Dave’s approach and mine. He is using the old one I used to use! He is exclaiming the virtues of survival for ALL RACES!

Dave is NOT focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the ONLY race whose numbers are actually DECLINING, the ONE race which the media is openly bragging is being done away with.

He MENTIONS that plenty, but that is not his FOCUS.

Seventy comments, and no one mentioned that. So after waiting it out, I had to bring it up.

It is NOT enough that ***I*** answer it.

In fact it is a failure in my life’s purpose if I have to deal with it myself alone.

My job is only done when YOU can handle it.

The Coach’s job is produce not only players, but that some of those players become Coaches.

I am a coach, not a substitute player.