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Mantra Thinking: “Hold it Right There!”

This Week Magazine had an article about different kinds of diets. It said, in passing, “Tests have shown that people on low carb diets do not lose more weight than those on other diets taking in the same number of calories.”

Low carb diets threatened to begin doing to the giant Nutritional Education Profession exactly what the discovery of bacteria did to medicine. Bacteria began the total destruction of everything Doctors of Medicine at the University had been paid to learn and know for a thousand years.

There have been plenty of those tests, but they certainly have not shown what the professional nutritionists would give a fortune to prove: that calories are all that matter.

If this had been a headline in a newspaper, it would have been subjected to complete scrutiny. I have been on low carb diets, and while it may not be true that “Calories Don’t Count,” it is for sure I lost a more weight and took in more calories.

But here is the problem: This was NOT a newspaper headline. It was a line in an article. A person who doesn’t think in Mantra terms wouldn’t even notice it.

Yet right here is what we observe all the time: An outright lie, but a lie in low key, a lie told while your attention is focused on where the article is taking you.

Another article in This Week said that “a test had proven” that people who are strongly against gays have gay tendencies themselves. In other words, instead of stating the standard Politically Correct line, they stuck it in the middle of a paragraph in the middle of an article.

ONLY, I repeat, ONLY a Mantra Thinker would say, “Hold it right there!”

I am not saying that there are no such tests. I am saying that the statements are lies.

I remember very well when anyone who said that blacks TESTED lower than whites was anaziswhowantedtokillsixmillionjews.

A Mantra Thinker is always on guard for that stray sentence that completely strips the speaker or writer of any credibility. Unlike most people, the instant he hears a statement like this dropped in, he goes through ALL the implications.

One of BUGsers’ most infuriating and effective strategies is that we don’t let go.

While The Party Line in The Week goes unquestioned, a professional interrogator would be useless if he let ONE such remark go without wringing every drop of sweat and admission he possibly could out of it. These sentences, in the hands of a Mantra Thinker, can destroy the entire credibility of the writer.

But the average person would simply do what most of our main page commenters do: He would take the article on diets AS A WHOLE and discuss what his World View on that question is.