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Mantra Thinking 2: Get Out of the Stream of Nonsense

The respectable conservative mantra has always been “It’s not about race.”

John Derbyshire was just fired by National Review because, among other things, he warned whites against going to a place which is almost all black. He did not make on single statement in that article that could be factually disagreed with by anybody who read it.

It was a set of banned truths.

For example, people often slip into saying that police are not allowed to “profile.” Then you watch a TV program the hero of which is a Police Profiler.

Racial profiling is outlawed, but not because it is not based on facts. A black person is six to twenty times as likely to have committed a crime than a white person.

This is the important point: The police are required to ignore that. Border patrols are required to insist that a person who is blond and has no accent is just as likely to be an illegal Mexican immigrant in El Paso as a brown person who speaks only Spanish.

This is for REAL, gang!

What is also for real is that any respectable conservative who repeats what I just said is fired.

Any respectable conservative who asks to for a definition of the word “racist” that he has just been called will be looking for a new job in this depression economy.

The same is true for any law enforcement officer.

Meanwhile, who mentions any of this?

Your Obedient Servant and no one else.

If commenters would stop worrying about how complicated Mantra Thinking is, they could concentrate on reading articles like this and learning that Mantra Thinking is ridding your mind of all the standard blocks. That is extremely difficult, but it is NOT complicated.

When someone says “racist,” point out that what he means is that IN HIS OPINION something is racist.

This changes the dialogue. He is now demanding laws to punish, not Racism, but ANYTHING HE CHOOSES TO CALL racism. But nobody, I mean NOBODY but me, and now the White Rabbit, can be trusted to say that.

I just had an article about how the media get away with short statements in the midst of articles which are dead wrong, fatally wrong, but anyone outside of Bob and Company will talk about the whole article and try to put that totally false statement “in the context” of the article.

We are always seeing professional conservatives say, “It’s not a matter of race.” According to present wage-earning respectable conservatives, nothing is a matter of race.

Especially race.