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Whatever Else You Do at High Tide, Keep the Money Punishment

Out of the eight or nine Crusades, only one was at all successful. More interesting is the fact that, in two or three of them, the Crusaders were on the verge of victory, their numbers were there and all enemy fortresses and forces had been dispersed.

In every one of those cases, the different leaders got down to disputing who was The Leader and how to proceed with the attack on that basis. In all two or three cases the Moslems had time to completely recover and totally defeat and in one case almost wipe out the Crusaders.

In one huge battle between a German tribe and Rome, the Germans were doing fine until one of their great leaders died. They then proceeded to go into official mourning, right there in the middle of the battle. It was a matter of Principle or Morality or whatever the hell else nitwits used to justify something besides fighting to win.

The Romans, surprisingly, did not go along with this quaint custom. They went out for a good old fashioned slaughter while the Germans were weeping.

I don’t CARE about Justice. I care about winning.

The traitors who are destroying us deserve no mercy, and the person saying this has been in through world wars. I am only interested in saying what is most effective to win and, once we gain the advantage, don’t follow the history of those dumbass Germans or the Crusaders.

As one commenter said, even the Tribunals demanded by the most chest beating glorifier will miss a LOT of the enemy. In the real world, most of the guilty will buy their way out, and, above all, the search will end.

Almost my sole interest is that we USE the money method our enemies have worked out so well.

Believe it or not, what I am most afraid is not Tribunals, but that once the tribunals are over, you’ll forget all about the pay system to keep people researching who and whose heirs must keep paying, not just after the tribunals are over, but ten years from now and a century from now.

Yes, yes, we are talking about Mere Money versus Human Life and all the rest. But in the real world and in the long term, all that chest-beating crap amounts to getting all the steam off.

Nobody remembers the Nuremberg Trials. Nobody is afraid of being called to a Tribunal in the real world. The Holocaust is remembered every day because it pays out billions of dollars each year.

As I just pointed out, professional conservatives are still decrying Hitler and none of them are asking that any Communist crime be punished for the simple reason that they will lost their JOBS if they get off the Holocaust-racist message.

Whatever else you do when the time COMES, please do not STOP with tribunals.

Keep the steam on.

With mere, dirty old MONEY.

This is more important to me than the whole question of your dramatic tribunals. I disavow tribunals now because they get us off the subject. I am even more worried that having anything that dramatic will blow off the steam and lead to the just as dramatic Love Fest afterwards.