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Mantra Thinking: The BOTH SIDES Fraud

Those in charge define the rules and the definitions.

So there are Two Sides: The Ruling Side and everybody who opposes it in any way.

So pro-whites are lumped in with anti-white Catholic theologues as “the right,” because they both oppose some Ruling Side, leftist, European programs.

Professional conservatives are allowed to make their living by the Ruling Group. So no one demands a death penalty for heresy more than conservatives do.

Conservatives earn their keep by RATIFYING liberal policies. The Ruling Class puts in a policy and conservatives denounce it for a generation.

But then conservatives demand the death penalty for the same heresy that was their platform a decade earlier. At that point liberal columnists announce that “Even a conservative columnist now agrees with this policy>“

The Magic Phrase: “BOTH SIDES AGREE.”

I have to keep reminding people that “racist,” though the term is denounced by liberals, and respectable conservatives demand racists be burned alive, is effective because it never occurs to anybody to question it because BOTH SIDES agree about it.

So it comes as a shock when we don’t have a Blackout and point out that even if BOTH SIDES AGREE, “racism” is just the speaker’s opinion.

It was William Buckley, who was the only columnist to endorse the six-year prison sentence given by Austria for Holocaust Denial, who made it BOTH SIDES.

Dave, our own BUGSER Dave, not Dr. Duke, is exactly right when he points out how closely related my time as an interrogator is related to Mantra Thinking. You cannot let the other side get away with ANYTHING.

BOTH SIDES has nothing to do with reality.