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Working Points

I may be preaching to the converted, but I seem to have seen the Mantra begin with “They say there is a race problem…,” and I now find that isn’t direct enough. Now that my mind is aging, I may be more in tune with many of the minds we have to deal with.

To this seminar, I suggest that the lead, which is the last thing I added to the Mantra, should be included whenever possible as the first punch.

I also favor capitalizing ONLY and ALL in relation to white countries. That is more important to me than whether White is capitalized or not, which is an echo of the time we spent all our resources on that kind of detail.

I use white rather than White because it is easier to show that THEY define white every time they assign guilt and every time they demand a country take immigration and assimilate. Insisting on White screws that simple message up.