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Interrogation for Fun

Our Dave’s statement about the close relation between Mantra Thinking and my time as an interrogator continues to be a source of fascination and of joy to me.

Despite my bitching, our commentary is at a high level, but I long for a seminar participant who gives ME something to mull over.

An interrogator is irritating. He lets you get away with NO assumption.

So in my racial discussions, when someone says : “It’s just the color of the skin,” I am the only living human being who asks, “Why is that?” “What does the color of the skin mean to people?”

Everybody knows that. But that is exactly the kind of obvious remark in normal discussion that an interrogator in a serious interrogation will not allow to pass.

I have had people give me the Old, Old Story about how whites mistreat non-whites, tell me about racial discrimination and so forth. We have to accept that now but the time will come when you stop blacking out and can be more free in some of YOUR discussions.

Let me repeat that I had the anti-whites on their asses in such a short time that it was a standing joke as my colleagues watched another “anti-racist” get chopped up and they would bet on how many minutes I would take at it this time.

I used different methods depending on how the anti-white recitation started out, as I could long since handle any of them in a DISCIPLINED way.

If the standard sermon started out on how non-whites were oppressed, I would ask, “Is ALL of this just Evil Oppression?” You would be surprised at how difficult a question like that is to a person who is used to merely Reciting the Creed.

I would point out that all countries with colored skins were poor unless they sat on top of oil extracted by others. “Is all this just hate?”

This doesn’t sound like me now, but back then it was a game, because I wanted the people who were listening, and who had seen victims get in the Whitaker Slaughter House before to enjoy some variety, so others would come listen.

And it made things VERY hard on the anti-white.

It was, as Dave would indicate, a habit that made a good questioner. I went on to kill them with the developing Mantra, but an interrogator, unless time is limited as your case, NEVER allows his victim to just ride along and say what he always says.

And someone who is fresh from a thousand sermons from Father Mommy Professor is more shocked at being questioned than any black kid who was driving slowly through a rich neighborhood with a screw driver by happenstance.

Father Mommy Professor’s congregation was always so shocked to be questioned on doctrine and heresy that it made the process not only irresistible to an interrogator, but just plain FUN.

I am anxious for you to get past the Blackouts so you can eventually have some productive fun. An interrogator on a bus-man’s holiday can really make a curse for the bad guys.

But you have to get the basics right first. No more complicated stuff when they say race doesn’t exist. The Mantra says THEY define white. No more Jewaholism. No more maudlin “I love all races equally when only ours is threatened.”

The list goes on and on. But take my word for it, once you get those Blackouts hammered out, you can have some real bus-man’s vacation FUN.