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I Like Mantra But I Don’t Like Guru

Mantra is probably one of those terms they like to use in the New Age crap.

Like the Beatles, they also fall for a “guru,” who usually has a dozen Cadillacs.

We are definitely not hippie or New Age. Those are fads. We are in a serious and lasting fight that the media is trying to crush, not use as a fad.

I like being an old fashioned, very American Coach.

One commenter was saying that the Mantra was being determined by the only source that mattered, and I actually tightened up before he said “BUGS” rather than “Bob.”

Dead right.

My whole goal is to get everything I have so practiced and thought out that I can be DONE WITHOUT, and not make William Pierce’s chilling mistake of leaving no heirs.

Hell, I don’t just want an heir, I want a whole set of replacements. That’s what real teachers and real coaches do that gurus cannot.

A Coach is interested in his TEAM.

A Guru is interested in HIMSELF.