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Congratulations, Journeymen!

I really screwed up when I titled an article Replace First Line of Original Mantra?

What I really meant was shouldn’t we ALWAYS start with Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everybody.”

I apologize to Genseric for my mistake in the title.

You dealt with the exact question Ole Dumbbob asked.

I would make such a dumb mistake at a critical point in BUGS development.

But you did a great job on the ensuing discussion.

For years I have carefully avoided too much open discussion of the Mantra.

You were apprentices and I was the only journeyman present.

I think the older hands here can easily imagine what would have happened if I had thrown the Mantra wording out for general discussion several years ago. I had hammered it out with YEARS of nose-to-nose battles.

On the other hand the whole point of BUGS, as I have so often stated, is to produce, NOT people hearing the Sacred Words of the Guru, but MORE JOURNEYMEN.

So this article was a big step for me, and you passed the test admirably. You did not come into this discussion as a loose group fresh from theorizing on Stormfront, but as writers who have learned to despise theorizing of that sort, and are ready with your EXPERIENCE in actual conflict.

This is a big day for me. After fourteen long years, I have JOURNEYMEN!

Frank really nailed it:

“First the Coach GIVES us a weapon and teaches us how to use it.

“Now he’s telling us we have gotten to the point we’re allowed into the weapon FORGE.

“The Coach is getting us to do what he wants w/o TELLING us what to do.

“Sweet way to trick your apprentices into taking the baton and RUNNING.”

Frank and Genseric are dead right; We don’t want you in the forge with us if you have the slightest tendency toward tossing around hot metal.

My screwing up the question shows why I am getting a little desperate NOT to be the only journeyman or master here any longer than I have to be.

Let’s PLEASE ignore my mistake and concentrate on the important point: That you can get in there with the hot metal and not destroy the forge.