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White Dude Reports Sweet Revenge

White Dude reports:


“I came across somebody on Yahoo Answers complaining about the mantra being all over Youtube. This really MADE MY DAY! In addition to obviously fighting for Whites and our countries, it’s moments like this mantra posters live for. It’s so gratifying to know we are making a difference.

“Keep up the great work all!”

Yes, good work, but also some desperately needed REVENGE!

All of us have suffered all our lives from Political Correctness Sermons. You are really enjoying a book and suddenly the author introduces a black or a Jew and starts preaching at you the same stuff you have suffered through for years in school.

Some of us, being naturally courteous folks, worry about dropping the Mantra right into a page concerned with cod fishing or botany.

For me, this is delicious. All my life I have been enjoying a book or a movie when it suddenly became a Political Correctness tale about Evil White Men or the Evil South. I get a special kick out of it when you do exactly the same thing to THEM, they are on a page talking about botany when you throw the Mantra right into their faces.

Marxists, including all those who don’t know they are Marxists, insist that EVERYTHING if POLITICAL.

Let’s take ‘em up on that.