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The Google Era Mistake

This is the way I understand it:

The Caribs, for whom the Caribbean is named, were residents of the islands where Columbus first landed.

As I came up, there were two established facts about the Caribs: 1) They were NOT cannibals, and 2) Caribs were dying in slavery, so a priest arranged the importation of black slaves.

You can look all this up in Google, but what will you have when you do?

The reason no one disputes any more that Caribs were cannibals has to do with the advance of science, among other things, you can analyze the doo and find out what people ate. The Caribs did have that word “long pig,” but “historians” declared that only the ignorant thought that was a word for human meat.

I could scour Google and still come up with information that is as false as my vaguest impressions.

I distinctly remember when Viking settlements in Canada and Indian cannibalism were absolutely MYTHS.

The fact is, it is debatable whether scrutiny of expert information on history is any less false than an old man’s remembrance of when and, above all, WHY some things were Absolute Facts in their day that are not repeated today.

If you become an uncritical part of the Google Age, you are as blind as the so-called scholars of the Age of Chained Books.

So what you get here is not Refined Google. What you get here is WHY certain things are “facts.”

The Global Warming Experts are STILL mystified by what a big scandal it was when their email revealed they were openly cooking information based on what they were ASSIGNED to prove. I understand their bafflement perfectly. They simply cannot believe that cooking information to suit grantees has not been a standard practice since the Popes took over the process a thousand years ago.

You have to BEGIN with something no one should understand as well as BUGSERS: What gets through is what someone WANTS through.

And as soon as someone catches onto what every single scholar who works on grant money has always known, he goes into his Conspiracy Phase.

This is not a Conspiracy, and someone who goes nuts on that score discredits everybody who tries the simple facts calmly. It is the same thing that Jewaholics do to the fact of white genocide.

Any BUGSER quickly learns that information comes through a filter.

That is exactly why the Mantra was so hard to develop and is so hard to get out.