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The Subtext of “I’m TIRED of Swarmers!”

I quoted White Dude’s report of an anti-white saying he was TIRED of us, meaning Swarmers.

You often see some mention of how TIRED anti-whites are of our message.

OK, Journeyman interrogator, what are they saying?

They are saying we are TEMPORARY.

As you move from journeyman to master, that subtext will jump out at you the way it does at me.

Step One is you have to SEE that they are referring to us as temporary. SECOND, you have to deduce, automatically, WHY they make this assumption.

I have explained that repeatedly here in articles some thoughts were off-subject. I have pointed out, over and over, that that there is a group that is ALLOWED to be “the other side” and get paid to do it. If they start to say something HURTS, it is terminated by a subtle process by which the establishment makes it clear that they will no longer tolerate this.

If it’s effective, they refer to what is hurting them as ‘ The old argument that…” Or they get rid of it by the “extremist” route:
Some William Buckley or Rich Lowry type gets the message, and earns his paycheck by declaring that idea/slogan/concept to be “extremist.”

These Mantra Whiners certainly have no idea of this process, but anti-whites are now whining to the Establishment to do this to the Mantra. They have no idea that we are actually getting around a process no one dares to mention, they just know that, when their side gets hit too hard by an argument, the argument vanishes

And they are demanding that a Rich Lowry (present NR editor) or some other Bill Buckley type make us disappear, and soon.

I have to explain the process to you.

That WORRIES me.

I NEED for YOU to connect these dots for YOURSELF.

White Dude was right, this complaint is a great sign for our effectiveness.

But there is always more to be learned through Mantra Thinking.