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The Loneliest Top

One commenter said, joking, “It’s lonely at the top, isn’t it, Bob?”

As usual, I smiled, but then I processed the SUBTEXT of that remark.

Strictly speaking, the LAST thing that a person at the top will be is LONELY. One of his major expenses is hiring people to keep people from reaching him. That led me to what a BUGS commenter would see as the Top.

I am at the top of the IDEA CHAIN. That is VERY lonely indeed.

It is SUCH a relief to finally see you doing what I have done through the years. You who are in there in the fight see things that by now you take for granted. On good example is commenters noticing the term “anti-white.” That is a DIRECT connection to US, but who but a BUGSER would know that?

Someone could say that the term “anti-white” was used regularly against Louis Farrakhan and other black separatists. But that is totally untrue.

You can read the old statements until your eyes drop out, and you will NEVER find any statement about someone being anti-white. In every single case, it was “Anti-White and Anti-Semitic,” and the reaction had nothing to do with the anti-white part.

Now even O’REILLY has had a clip with a black raving about how he hates ALL whites, without a mention of the Jewaholic’s Drug of Choice.

No one needs to EXPLAIN why it is important that Don Black referred to the SPLC as “Anti-whites claiming to be anti-racists.”

But you can imagine how impossible it has always been for me to explain how I could tell from the wording that it was MY logic the writer was using. What added to the difficulty was that I found that there was a complete inverse relationship between how my idea spread and its being connected with my name.

A LOT of my thinking comes from the fact that national columnists and their friends read or heard quotes from Whitaker Online and were given points for original thought. Derek Black said this outright when he told me up front that he had tried every way he could imagine to avoid the word “genocide.’

The point here is, Derek did not have to explain what he meant. You do not have to explain what you mean when you quote the exact phrase that can only have come from us.

This is why my entire concentration was on points and words that no one else considered novel. It is LOT different for Derek to tell me that or for you to quote “anti-white” than it would be if you were the ONLY person who worked with that connection.

I honestly believe that a major reason that the Space Telescope is up and the Soviet Union is down is due to a strategy I could not even explain to someone on the outside.

It was VERY lonely.

It is such a relief to have you here!