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“American Wording” Has an Interesting Subtext

One or two commenters have remarked that the Mantra is too American. Both said that the term “respectable conservative” is an AMERICAN term.

The reality is much more interesting — and important — to us BUGSERS.

The term “respectable conservative” was entirely alien to political discussion until I started using it in Whitaker Online at the turn of the century! Hard rightists would refer to the Buckley types as cowards or ignorant, but putting them into a professional category, people who get paid to be a kept opposition, was introduced in my first book and never used again until I re-introduced the term “respectable conservative” and it got taken up around 2000.

Like “the melting pot”: translated into “multiculturalism,” almost every concept that Europe lives by is American. World War II is trying to become “The European Civil War.”

The Latins used to say anyone of any color was “French” regardless of their skin color if they were CULTURALLY French.

Until New York and Harvard and Hollywood explained to them that they had a multiculture.

I have never seen any other person mention this.

There are respectable conservatives in Europe doing exactly the same job respectable conservatives do in America.

The subtext is that there IS NO European political dialogue. It is ALL hand-me-down American. I have to use “respectable conservative” in Europe because Europe needs it.