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I Do NOT wish Her Majesty Well.

The American Groveling-to-British Titles Habit, which made the world what it is today by getting us into both World Wars, is well under way as Elizabeth II approaches her Diamond Jubilee.

This is one of the few points on which Sam Dickson and I differ. He has what he considers the classical conservative respect for the monarchy.

This is one of many reasons I am NOT a conservative.

The Queen, who generally keeps out of politics, made it clear a long time ago that anyone in the world who considers themselves Her Subject has as much right to live in Britain as anyone who was merely born there.

In other words, HER birth as Queen is all-important, but no Englishman or Scot or Welshman or Ulsterman has any right to the place where HE was born.

Race treason is part and parcel of the British Monarchy. It is much part and parcel of Classism as it is of Wordism.

One of the lesser known reasons for the Revolution, because it did not affect New England, was when King George decided that the Indians between the Appalachians and Mississippi were his subjects as much as those white looking ones, and forbade any of the whites from settling west of the Mississippi.

To a Classist, the color of the subject truly and genuinely makes no difference. It’s all a mattah of Claahss.

That is, in fact, why black slavery was introduced to the Americas.

By a priest.

Around 1500, local Indians were being forced into slavery in the West Indies. Since they were hunters and gatherers, they died quickly when forced into slave work. So, in the Spirit of Christ, a priest organized it so that slaves were brought over from Africa.

To save, among others, the Caribs.

There were, in fact, plenty of Indian slaves who could work and live in the West Indies. They were residents of the old civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayas. The Aztecs’ slaves were the ones who considered themselves lucky they weren’t used for the mass sacrifices that made up the Aztec religions.

But the King, Whose Ass They Longed to French Kiss, had forbidden Indian slavery. They were His Subjects. So the Good Father brought slaves from Africa.

The Caribs died like flies. For all the talk about the diseases brought by Europeans to America, Africa was the place where WHITES died of local disease. Senegal was know as “The White Man’s Graveyard.” The West India Indians were wiped out in record time.

So we were stuck with Black slavery, which, in the name of Christ, was abolished by killing 600,000 white men in the Civil War.

By the way, the shortest book n the Bible, the Book of Titus, says “If you are a master, be a good master, if you are a slave, be a good slave.”

You’ll find it in the Memory Hole

And no, I do NOT wish that loathsome race traitor Ass Kissee well.