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Taking the War Over There

A British reader repeated the observation that, to an Englishman, Conservative means The Conservative Party.

One of the first accomplishments of Whitaker Online was to invent the term “respectable conservative” and make it part of American discourse. Our problem was not the slightest bit different from yours. Here, “conservative” meant Republican or Reagan or, God forbid, William Buckley

Our very few readers at the end of the last century were from the League of the South, who had an enormous acquaintance among professional conservatives. National Review readership is, in fact, very concentrated in South Carolina.

Within months, National Review began to have mentions of why they needed to be, SPECIFICALLY, “respectable.” Please note the highlights and the quotes. It was MY terminology.

The BNP, like other conservatives, spends a lot of time trying to get camouflage behind the other side, minorities on their board, etc. To them, the very IDEA of taking on the very terminology of politics is as alien as it would be to Jared Taylor.

You have exactly the same terminology we do. There is no European terminology, European “opinion” is entirely filter-down from the Boston Globe.

The same is true of American dialogue. The first thing the Tea Party did was have a public worship of MLK.

I am an ex-AMERICAN football player. I am no good at soccer and, God knows, no good at Cricket.

But in many ways, the game is the same. Everything I do is against the tide of what the average person understands.

In fact, the very reason the Mantra works is because it declares OUR wording.

If Brits cannot imagine that a conservative can be anything but a Tory Party membership card, you have your work cut out for you.