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Taking the War Over There

Posted by Bob on June 8th, 2012 under Coaching Session

A British reader repeated the observation that, to an Englishman, Conservative means The Conservative Party.

One of the first accomplishments of Whitaker Online was to invent the term “respectable conservative” and make it part of American discourse. Our problem was not the slightest bit different from yours. Here, “conservative” meant Republican or Reagan or, God forbid, William Buckley

Our very few readers at the end of the last century were from the League of the South, who had an enormous acquaintance among professional conservatives. National Review readership is, in fact, very concentrated in South Carolina.

Within months, National Review began to have mentions of why they needed to be, SPECIFICALLY, “respectable.” Please note the highlights and the quotes. It was MY terminology.

The BNP, like other conservatives, spends a lot of time trying to get camouflage behind the other side, minorities on their board, etc. To them, the very IDEA of taking on the very terminology of politics is as alien as it would be to Jared Taylor.

You have exactly the same terminology we do. There is no European terminology, European “opinion” is entirely filter-down from the Boston Globe.

The same is true of American dialogue. The first thing the Tea Party did was have a public worship of MLK.

I am an ex-AMERICAN football player. I am no good at soccer and, God knows, no good at Cricket.

But in many ways, the game is the same. Everything I do is against the tide of what the average person understands.

In fact, the very reason the Mantra works is because it declares OUR wording.

If Brits cannot imagine that a conservative can be anything but a Tory Party membership card, you have your work cut out for you.

  1. #1 by Dave on 06/08/2012 - 12:45 pm

    The BNP wants to do a revolution. But our liberation won’t come from a revolution. That’s Mommy Professor stuff. To the contrary, securing our racial rights and posterity comes from a new way of seeing.

    That’s how Mommy Professor is defeated. Her defeat comes from a new way of seeing.

  2. #2 by six gun on 06/08/2012 - 1:03 pm

    With the word combination Liberal and conservative in the Mantra, in the UK it is inevitable the reader/listener will think political parties. It is a quirk of the language and party names.
    I have thought about this more. I am softening my view on it. Even if the precise meanings are not quite the same, is the idea the same, is the gist of that paragraph the same. To all intents and purposes, I think so.

    I haven’t been using the full Mantra. I have been using mini Mantras plucked from the full Mantra, some with my own spins and some with others I have seen. As long as the meaning remains the same. As long as the reader identifies the world they see around them in the Mantra, it looks good to me.
    The thread by Ahnenerbe on I found inspirational. I am collecting (and using) lots of Mantras now.

  3. #3 by shari on 06/08/2012 - 1:49 pm

    Certainly a new way of seeing would be a REAL revolution. Past revolutions broke things and killed people but most were then jerked in whatever direction. Their sight was not made better. Our American Revolution was better because we only sought to free us from a tyranny that we had a right to be free of, not turn everything over and establish a utopia, imo. Nevertheless it now seems only a stopgap.

    The BNP seems to be waking to the notion of Anti-White with these muslim grooming gangs. A quote of Simon Darby, “the courts can employ blatent racial discrimination in the overridding interest of fighting” racism.” Just you remember now, if your white in this country, you and your children are a lower form of life and that’s official.” That seems to be getting close to seeing GENOCIDE.

  4. #4 by Bob on 06/08/2012 - 2:41 pm

    Six gun, in my youth I had to learn two foreign languages, Yankee and English.
    My English grammar told me that any LITERATE person would know that Conservative, capitalized, is an entirely different thing from conservative, lower case.
    I have thought about it, and I honestly believe that a person who cannot tell the difference instantly by the spelling will be no good to us.

    • #5 by six gun on 06/08/2012 - 3:26 pm

      I am no longer stressing over this now.
      I flex the Mantra to suit the terrain.
      Mantra logic is what counts.
      I have seen and collected so many excellent field tested variations, bolting these together like Meccano on the fly.
      Such fun indeed.

      I would not discard those who did not know the difference between the big C and small c but agreed those that do not are less useful at this stage.

      What I did pick up in my deliberations was the big “L” in Liberals. Should this not be a small “l” in the same vein as conservative?

  5. #6 by six gun on 06/08/2012 - 3:37 pm

    I just must put this in as I think it is important.
    I have been posting on a YT video.

    We are making a mental impact with the anti-Whites.
    They are talking about me as my comment is the top thumbs up on the YT video but what is important is:

    Those “code word” guys are dead serious – and most of them are british. [b/c they are talking about me]
    The feminists are usually from the US.
    The trolls…i dunno…

    Look at that! We are not Trolls we are the “code word” guys and we are accepted as being DEAD SERIOUS.

    This is SERIOUS progress.
    I am almost slightly emotional.

  6. #7 by Dick_Whitman on 06/08/2012 - 5:27 pm

    France’s Marine Le Pen uses the word “anti-White.”

    A reader of BUGS perhaps?

  7. #8 by BGLass on 06/09/2012 - 11:14 am

    —took it to mean Capitalization, generally.

    Like, the kind of people for whom thee Capitalized Big Words translate immediately into something like “Swim for Your Life! Pod Persons Aboard the Ship!”

    A friend has Conservative Homeschooling people nearby. They describe themselves as “The Traditional Couple,” and constantly compare themselves to so many less fortunate oh-so-sad couples who divorced under leftism. Back in reality, they are steeped in multicult, ethnic restaurants, African artworks on the wall, public paychecks, soccer over cricket, learn Big Money trendy languages du jour (Spanish and Chinese), and hire their nannies the same. They do have Liberal friends, (they do not exclude anyone!) but disagree with them heartily!— believing with utter conviction that more public money (of other people’s money) should go to Warfares than the Welfares.

    The Traditional Couple (who really are reactionaries)— are playing out IMAGES of what they’ve been told “traditional couples” were like before. A woman is “nurturing”, but knows nothing of politics–for that is for the man, etc.

    Back in Reality— many women in the past could shoot guns, read books, talk politics, and so on. Sitting on your Fat Ass, as a woman, was obviously not very conducive to survival on the old frontier (anymore than on the new one).

    All the women who “didn’t work” in my own family, studied things (so as to be a more useful conversationalist for their husband to talk to, lol— a helpmate.) They did yard work and gardening, (so when their husband was free, he could enjoy his time better in a nice home), and kept up knowledges and oral traditions about folkways, which they passed on to younger people. Not working was a Full Time Job, with not a moment to sit on your ass, and homeschooling meant just that, not getting state-program guides or government created test criterion and pre-prepared study books that can be picked up at offices “for free.”

    The heart of capitalization seems dependency. —A Self Abnegation that has people search about for others to tell them what to do, how to be, how to act, what will make them “good” and respected. The copying of images verses their own reality-based experiences and loyalties, (as the interpretive guideposts).

    So… they have no loyalties. They say repeaters all the time. Like “we want the good life,” or “we were married on the typical island and had the storybook honeymoon,” or “we have the best of both worlds,” or this sort of thing.

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