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Silence is a most effective technique precisely because it WORKS. It works because no one on our side listens to the silence.

There was a period when all the major talk shows had on identical twins who had been separated at birth and adopted into widely different families. I know, for example, that identical twins adopted separately this way tend to commit the same crimes at the same age, but this was about how they liked the same products and did so many of the same things.

This was fascinating, even to me. The audiences ate it up.

I saw the way the whole thing stopped. A set of identical triplets adopted at birth into Catholic, Protestant and Jewish homes was being presented by a psychologist. Donahue simply said to the psychologist, “Doesn’t this tend to prove that heredity is more important than environment?”

In Donahue’s terms, this was asking “Are you a Nazi?”

The whole fashion, which had been going on for months, ended that day.

No one noted its instant passing but me. Conservatives are past masters at knowing when the Memory Hole is open.

After months of hype,. no one heard the Silence. Anyone who reported the silence lost his livelihood.

There is no money in heredity, but every educational program, the whole Human Betterment Industry which spends trillions each year, depends on environment. I discussed that in my first book.

We no longer go so much for this heredity versus environment thing, but a lot of people do.

I never see them using identical twin tests. It is not discussed.

These people tend to write things about stuff some Big Name published.

Only BUGS is here to hear the Silence.

And if all the rulers have to do when something out there is ONCE AGAIN a total failure in the real world is to be silent about it, that is what they will do

Absolutely nobody talks about the Soviet economic system collapsing because it was SILLY. No one, then or now, ever mentions the people shot down in cold blood trying to get OUT of the Workers’ Paradises

No one thought to mention that all this talk of Humanity and open borders and “assimilation“ was only for WHITE countries. Pro-whites are at least as shocked at such a thing being mentioned as are others.

“How Europeans Took Over America” was so effective an anti-white featured it.

It is now banned by YouTube.

Don’t FORGET that.