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More Mantra Thinking, Part I

I do not want my insights to die with me, as I have made very clear.

I want some of YOU to absorb and USE listening to the silence and to stop and look at the “subtext.”

Uncle Bob Wants You to ask the question, “Why was this information produced?”

There is another type of thinking I do which can give you amazing access to reality. And, like everything I say, it is obscure because it is so simple.

Let me start it this way. You are a staffer on a committee and a genuine military hero like Ollie North or Audie Murphy is testifying. But he is testifying about military expenditures. You look over to your boss and shake your head. The simple fact is that what the hero is saying is not true.

Your boss may call you over to whisper in his ear what is wrong, but it is hard for some conservatives to believe that a staffer for an extremely conservative Republican would call a war hero, especially a CONSERVATIVE war hero, something very close to a liar.

He is a fine man, but he is testifying about MILITARY money. The finest, most honorable person in the world is just plain biased on some things.

Most of my first book in 1976 was dedicated to explaining how there is no fundamental difference, realistically, between General Motors and the National Education Association. The NEA has at least as large a stake in big government as General Motors has in a protectionist policy on auto importation.

My doctor brother and I used to laugh about the desperate attempts to find something dangerous about caffeine, as they did about cigarettes. It would seem an odd thing to read about research on caffeine and then laugh.

But the logic is that a lot of people could get promotions or raise money if caffeine were found to be dangerous. Look at the tens of billions that have been made from tobacco suits and tobacco regulation!

When I talked about the Human Betterment INDUSTRY in my first book it was not just a dramatic use of wording.

A major portion of today’s American population actually makes its living directly or indirectly from what I accurately call INDUSTRIES but most people think of as “social concerns” or something.

Now a CRITICAL point:

This is not hypocrisy.

This is not a Conspiracy..

This is human beings acting like…well, PEOPLE.