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Ole Bob is going on the Road

Horus Writes:

Saturday September 15, 2012 will be a day to remember. Ole Bob will put on his White Rabbit Costume and give a talk to the Stormfront Conference. Well maybe you won’t see Ole Bob in a White Rabbit Costume. But you will hear him speak at the Stormfront Conference. And He will be speaking first thing in the morning after Don and Derek Black. After Bob, you will hear Truck Roy and yours truly talk about Practical Politics. There should be some Q&A time allotted as well for the Swarm etc. You can find out all about the Conference at the below Stormfront thread.

Until last year, I had never been to a Stormfront Conference. And I was pleasantly surprised. Bob is no neophyte to these things. And even he was excited about the BUGS presentation last year. It is damn difficult to get Bob excited. This conference will be like the previous one on Practical Politics with a few new topics thrown in for discussion. The location will not be disclosed until the morning of the Conference. Over at White Rabbit Radio we have headed into animation. And we are currently busy working on our 2nd animation. So we will have all kinds of interesting topics to discuss at the conference.

Youtube has taken down our first animation for “hate speech”. And we are currently protesting this via their formal process. As most of you know the video had garnered 110k views in just a couple months. Obviously, we want it back up on our main channel where we can continue to rack up numbers. But anyone can go to and still view it. No sooner than Youtube took down our animation than dozens of copies went up on various Youtube channels. We appreciate all those that helped spread the first animation. Stay tuned. White Rabbit Video is just getting warmed up.