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The Fifth Column: No Prisoners

Solzhenitsyn once mentioned a true story from the Gulag.    A Quaker woman was allowed to visit the Gulag, and the only inmate she quoted only asked her “How are the Negroes in America being treated?”   She reported this as the only concern prisoners in Gulag had!

They were just fine but “Your Negroes” were persecuted.  She was religiously quoted in Political Science lectures.

One of the regular stories they told us in grammar school was that William Penn was sweet to an Indian, and the Indian, a chief like all Indians, promised no Indian would ever kill a Quaker.

And, the history teacher told us gravely, no Indian ever killed a Quaker from that day on.

I must have been VERY young, because I could smell improbabilities from a very early age.

The North Carolina ancestors of Richard Nixon were known as “fighting Quakers.”

In fact ALL Quakers who lived near Indians were known as “fighting Quakers.”

Pennsylvania’s Quakers never fought Indians because they seldom SAW Indians. The people in the mountains kept the Indians away from Philadelphia and farmland. Benjamin Franklin HATED Quakers, read his biographer about their hypocrisy.

So when it came to voting money to defend the mountains, the Quakers reverently said they did not finance war. In other colonies the safer residents just said, “No, I’m all right, Jack, so screw you.”

This was about all the Gulag she reported. European Intellectuals reported it as the whole story of the so-called Gulag, which they simply refused to admit existed except as regular prisons.

For the fiftieth time, let me repeat this: all this is SAFELY in the Memory Hole.

So the Berlin Wall was a neutral device “To keep some people in and some people out.”

The German public was ASTONISHED to discover that escapees were shot on sight.

That is one hell of a solid Memory Hole! A lot VISITORS like Robert Morley found guns pointed at them when they viewed the Hungarian trench from the inside while touristing Hungary.

The Quakers’ passive aggression was one of the best weapons the Reds had.  The fake Leftist Hippies used the same passive aggressive approach to win for the Communists in Nam.

Those who help preserve the Memory Hole are at least as guilty as those who provide it. At least those who provide it are straight, ideological Communists. In some ways, they are like an enemy wearing a uniform.

We capture enemy soldiers, but International Law lets us EXECUTE those aiding the enemy OUT of uniform.