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Congratulations, Paul Fromm

After all his years in the wilderness championing free speech in Canada, Paul Fromm has won a victory, though don’t hold your breath until he gets any credit for it. A bill has passed the national legislature that Internet censorship is to be abandoned.

It even includes a clause that says that TRUTH, of all the things unimportant to the True Faith, is a defense.

Her Majesty’s rep might veto it, of course. The miracle is that it got through their “Senate,” whose members are appointed for life by Her Ass Kissee’s rep on the advice of the PM of the day. So it is not sure.

Some anti-whites said that now, instead of the fine, any violation of the Hate Law will be enforced by cops and jail. But the provision that truth is a defense will make that VERY difficult.

I don’t know about the Conspiracy dudes and the Nazis, but all we ask is to be able to tell the truth.

Meanwhile the Netherlands has abandoned multiculturalism, though they don’t put it that way. Now they declare that they demand Integration. The are appointing an Integration Committee and banning burkhas.

Funny thing, but while it was express Dutch policy, as it is throughout Europe, nobody ever noticed it was “separate but equal.”

But anything is better than announcing that the Established Faith if Political Correctness was just plain STUPID.