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Less LINKS in the Swarm?

As Jason pointed out, the anti-whites are on us like they are on no other pro-white group. This brought something home to me that I, above all others, should have thought of: listing where we have put up the Mantra may now be a very bad idea. They just have to look in our own Swarm to find out where the best of us have put comments they need to take down.

So from now on, you should just say how many you’ve put up, tried to put up, and difficulties your comrades need to know about, as when you need help from fellow BUGSERS or, of course, a Swarm on that site.

In other words, use ’em when you need ’em, but keep in mind that they are probably paying, altogether, about ten salaries for each active BUGSER to block us. It cost Moscow five or ten dollars for every dollar that groups like Radio Free Europe spent to broadcast to Eastern Europe.

We’re costing them already, and this is just a start.

They spent many millions to put David Duke in prison. I figure each ten seconds of his time in prison cost them at least a dollar.

I wish I could explain to you how great it is that we are now under the legendary fire that hits at those who start a real revolution. You are what makes history.