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Ole Bob Bitches

I wrote a very subtle article demanding that this “race mixing” term should NEVER be used by a BUGSER. It ended with a dozen exclamation points.

Comments ranged from a unbelievably naïve suggestion of a synonym for race mixing to on-target explanations of what I am saying.

“Race mixing” does not bring you to what is being done: WHITE genocide.

Integration has been the term used by the Dutch to replace multiculturalism because they correctly guessed that the idiots and clowns on our side would not even notice what that MEANS.

I was crushed by the idiocy of the discussion on integration.

In the Netherlands, multiculturalism has been displaced by “integration.” NO ONE but me even noticed that the subtext of that is that this multiculturalism the Dutch are abandoning after decades of its enforcement was an expression of segregation.

Does ANYBODY get it? Integration Committees? SEGREGATION?

I simply cannot pass on my heritage to people who can’t tell the difference between uncapitalized conservative and Conservative. I have read a number of British books using the term “liberal” and “conservative” and I have lived over there, so I know the population is not THAT illiterate.

OK. We have so far a BUGS population which cannot understand the subtext of the word “integration” and doesn’t know how to make an ignorant fool who can’t see the difference between a party name and a political position LOOK like a fool.

So you mixed up integration as used in the Mantra with “race mixing.”

Paul Fromm never points out the real meaning of Integration Committees to REPLACE multi-culturalism. I expected he would be able to do that.

But that no BUGSER is able to put Holy Integration in its place I needed more exclamation points.

Yes, we are saying that the whole Integration program of Saint Martin Luther the King led straight to the total destruction of our race.

Paul has the right to be unable to see that Integration is the Politically Correct line in abandoning “multiculturalism.”

Paul is fighting for his CULTURE. We are fighting for our RACE.

But you can’t fight for our race if you can’t even read the subtext of “integration.”

In fact, the Dutch don’t know that their anti-white religion has abandoned the word “integration.” The term is “desegregation,” and they take it VERY seriously because “desegregation” means getting rid of an artificial separation, and if you are not aware of how anti-whites react to the term “integration,” you might NEVER be a pro.

You’re damned right I’ll keep “integration” in the Mantra.

And frankly I get the impression that people who quibble about it or don’t understand the above have not outgrown their college education.

You HAVE to learn to THINK.

I know it hurts at first, but it gets easier.