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Us Lowah Clahss Types End Up WINNING, Part I.

We Mantra types have a hellish time getting pro-white National Leaders to take us seriously.

I was in exactly the same place before. When we conservative leaders at the University wrote a latter to Barry Goldwater in 1962 urging him to run for president, you probably know who did the writing, and it emphasized appealing to the South and to white Democratic workers specifically.

Goldwater in 1964 ran all right, but not our way.

In fact, Goldwater had about 32 percent of the vote just before the election. So he got desperate about busing in New York City and the threat of it, as well as the other issues some of us peasants pushed..

Under those circumstances, so soon after the assassination, he couldn’t have won anyway. But if you know political statistics, 38.8 percent is one hell of a bump from 32 in a couple of weeks.

He could have been defeated, but not humiliated.

I spent the next sixteen years getting out into white working areas — as I had done before — urging an appeal to what the national media, and therefore Buckley, sneered at as “Wallace Democrats.”

Appealing to peasants was considered HAADDIBLY Lowah Clahss of me.

My time in the absolute back of the bus lasted until 1974, when Republicans had gotten so bad there was serious talk of ending the party. William Rusher switched to my side that year. He wrote the Foreword to my book A Plague on Both Your Houses the following year, and said that I DID in fact represent the people he had been meeting on the working class right.

Funny thing. I’d just spent a quarter of century working with them and somehow my talk sounded like theirs.

For me the attitude of our leadership to me was pure déjà vu. The attitudes to the Mantra Approach were EXACTLY the same as that of the Respectables.

After YEARS of trying, I finally got a few of you, I think Lord Nelson was the first on board.

And then YOU ran head on to the attitude I have been putting up with at least since 1958!

You raised bloody hell.

It wasn’t nearly the same shock to me.

Not just because I had already dealt with it, though that DID help.

Much more important is the fact : When I got assigned to the Lowah Clahss before and stayed on under that storm of crap for twenty years, I FINALLY WON.

My strategy was a key right into the campaign of 1980, when Rusher and others transmitted it without my name attached to it. But the Business As Usual Crowd fought tooth and nail to make Reagan’s campaign into a Nixon campaign.

Later, Reagan had to put the words “Mr. Gorbaczev. Tear down this wall!” THREE TIMES when it was removed from each draft by his speechwriters, the BAU crowd.

He had to reinsert “The Evil Empire” over and over as well in his speeches.

But the strategy to get rid of the USSR stayed in, even with Bob as the ghost writer’s ghost writer.

Let me finish this part by making this point: It is HARD to be totally kept out and regarded as Lowah Clahs. I’m only human.

But what I remember is that it WON.

No, it never got me into the Respectables Uppah Clahss. What the HELL would I do THERE?

No, what it won was the Cold War.

The enemy is dead.

You can keep the Medal.