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Us Lowah Clahss Types End Up WINNING, Part II

We hear abut the defeat of Nazi Germany 65 years ago daily. But no one discusses the fall of the USSR.

At all.

From the point of view of our established religion, every single fact about the fall of the USSR is bad.

It is also a testament to the Mantra Approach.

You see, the greatness of the Centrally Planned Economies (Communist states), was an article of faith to both left and right. So the Communist own estimates of their miraculous economic growth were faithfully reported by all the major media the CIA. And the DOD.


The more dangerous the USSR, the more money the CIA and DOD got, so left and right played along with this, the left to show that bureaucrats could run the economy just great and conservatives because they do LOVE to flood the military with taxpayer money.

At UVA, which I entered in 1963, they knew very well the Soviet Empire, the Centrally Planned Economies, were running a fake. In fact, I suspected that when in 1958 they put up a basketball sized Sputnik from a design used on American missiles IN STOCK.

But the result was a declaration of the superiority of Soviet Education and tens of billions in an act funding for Universities in the Defense Education Act, the renewal of military welfare for Europe and lots and lots of money for slavering conservatives to put into the military.

It’s TOO simple: We were Fighting a Superpower when we should have been exposing a fraud.

This should be sounding a little familiar to BUGS.

I have never heard of ANYTHING the Soviets had that they invented. But Soviet Superiority was the key to hundreds of billions for the favorite projects of left AND right.

Jerry Pournelle, science fiction author from Louisiana, specifically proposed SDI, which Ted Kennedy promptly labeled Star Wars.

The mythical Soviet Science Superpower had nothing to copy yet. It had nothing to even BEGIN to compete with real US science.

But all of us knew all the way back to 1958 that the Soviet Union would come tumbling down if the fundamental fraud was exposed.


As simple as, shall we say, the Mantra?

But “both sides” in American politics had a huge stake in the reality of Soviet Greatness.

If one ever discussed the period of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, one would see what we all saw and everybody but me has carefully not mentioned: The desperate last ditch attempt by the ENTIRE left to save it.

In 1981 Star Wars happened to be the policy picked.

It hit the fake directly. The USSR was supposed to be One of the Two Great Scientific Powers. Suddenly Reagan proposed something the USSR couldn’t even BEGIN to do. Ending Star Wars instantly became the priority of the ENTIRE left, from moderate liberal to outright Communist.

Every discussion between Reagan and Gorbachev was now about ending Star Wars. Gorbachev desperately offered a Nuclear Freeze, and even the last Superman movie was dedicated to the Nuclear Freeze.

Which is a major reason it WAS the LAST of the Superman series. Another lecture on Political Correctness in the middle of Nuclear Freeze hysteria was not what people went see in a fun movie.

An audience killed the major TV movie that was put on for the specific purpose of this Nuclear Freeze, by which was meant ending SDI.

And on and on and on. It was a desperate deluge to save The Worker’s Paradise.

Recently Intelligence has given out reports of Ted Kennedy’s meeting with Soviet reps discussing treason.

Bringing down the USSR was easy, and could have been done in 1958.

Destroying the USSR was not a battle against the USSR, but a battle against moderate Republicans and their Uppah Clahss conservative supporters.

This is what happened, and you will read it stated flatly and simply here and NOWHERE else.