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Mantra Thinking on Jews

We are doing fine at so much that I, like all coaches, want MORE.

For example, I have written article after article about “Why is information produced?”

I sometimes get answers that address that point, but they are strictly Stormfront stuff.

I freely acknowledge that Jews in general are out to destroy the white race. In our terms, they say so all the time. They invented “melting pot,” which would have sounded odd to the Founders who wrote “We the People.”

But this is different from the Stormfront comments that are dripping with acid. For me it is an integral part of history than a group that has identified itself as an “out” group for two thousand years would take the side of other “out” groups.

I yearn for a comment on an article that shows why some information is produced.

This simple Whitaker point goes by you like a gamma ray, but the fact is that when you show someone is INTERESTED in a particular piece of information, you have gone over half way to discrediting it: They said this is BECAUSE is a major blow.

ESPECIALLY against Politically Correct people. They are saying things they have to say to not be called racist, for example.

Everybody KNOWS that, nobody SAYS it. Including BUGS.

To say this is embarrassing to them but it is ruined if you have to SCREAM it, like Stormfronters do.

“This is how you are acting” is easy to sell when everybody knows it is true. But screaming it puts you in the exact category they want you to be in.

If we did this only BUGS, once again, would be doing it.

And I will not be here forever to point this sort of thing out to you.

The difference between my simple and calm judgment on Jews is that mine doesn’t have to prove they meet in Conclave at 3 am or that they are Just Plain Evil. Our side has been doing this for sixty years and losing every time.

Of all people, KARL MARX made this simple observation. He said that Jews were not protesting Christian bigotry, but special Christian TOLERANCE.


The only reason Jews influence our society is because they, absolutely uniquely, were allowed to live.

A Calvinist in Catholic territory was not merely forced to wear a sign on his clothing. If he was brave, he would start screaming when the flames reached his face and stop half an hour later when he was dead. If anti-Semitism killed a Jew, it went into the record. There is no discussion WHATSOEVER of our ancestors who followed OUR early religions and were murdered and burnt.

No matter how often I write about it here, comments do not make the connection.