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Jesus Was Not Dysgenic

The DaVinci Code resulted in a shock which, if everyone hadn’t been trained by Mommy Professor, would have led to a serious complete rethinking of history.

Before the book came out, every Catholic and Protestant theologian or Church-goer, if asked about Jesus’ sex life, would have said there wasn’t one.

This was so obvious it didn’t need any discussion. But when the Da Vinci Code came out, everybody suddenly realized they had no idea about this.

So they came up with an explanation which leaves everybody OK. It was Constantine’s fault you see.

Yea, right.

So this kept anybody from talking about the obvious difference between Saint Paul’s church, which was based on a then degenerate intellectual Zoroastrianism and Jesus, who never denounced sex or marriage at all.

And this is the story of people who do not do Mantra Thinking: Things keep being found out that upset history, so an answer is developed and accepted that happens to make everybody feel good.

Mantra Thinking says that the more any answer can be explained as the most convenient one, the more certain it is to be a lie.

The end of every TV Documentary consists of The Sermon. It explains how all the information given it can be rammed into a Politically Correct context.

History looks entirely different to a Mantra Thinker. I think the DaVinci Code itself threw in the Constantine theory to make it all right.

Which makes all the News in the book irrelevant. You’re no smarter when you started than when you finished.

If you dismiss The Sermon though, things like this change history for you.

Each new Gospel, right up to the Book of Judas around 300 AD, had more and more straight LATE, Degenerate Zoroastrianism.

Apparently it was considered Intellectual then to show you knew Persian Thinking, just as a Buckley today would use French to impress you.

So the fanatically dysgenic legacy of Saint Paul took over Christianity. It was an assumed that Jesus, too, wanted to spay or neuter anyone who could be taught to read.

And with the Constantine Explanation to fight off Mantra Thinking, no one is going to figure out anything different



Being Called a Ghost Doesn’t Make you a Ghost

Yes, a lot of us would like to shout, “You’re damned right I’m a racist!”

The problem is that the person calling you racist is mindless.

So for you to confess to a mindless accusation makes you mindless too.

If someone irritating said “You’re a ghost!” you would look a little ridiculous shouting, “Yes, I’m a ghost!”

You might want to ask them first what the hell makes them think you’re a ghost, what a ghost is, stuff like that.

What you are proud of is that that the traitorous, mindless piece of crap CALLS you a racist.

I have often said, “Lord, I am so glad you call me a racist. You call anybody who disagrees with you a racist, and I certainly disagree with you.”

I have used the same line about Nazis.

It deflates the living hell out of them.

I have no monopoly on this now. I starred in a You Tube drama by our Scandinavian BUGSERS did about this very point.

Before we were banned, it got 110,000 views on You Tube, largely because of my acting skill.

Without me it would have 109,999.



Militant Translation

SPLC had a fundraiser that sounded like me with a gallon of bourbon in me.

SPLC was raising hell about the LACK OF BLACKS in Northern Idaho!

This was a fund-raising issue, taken seriously by SPLC donors.

I saw no one but me on our side even comment on this.

Nor would anyone else get the point. I doubt if Adolf Hitler himself ever stated that “The Aryan race cannot survive if there is one single Jew left on earth.”

But leaders of Hispanics, Jews, blacks, gypsies, you name it, are all saying, ALL THE TIME:

“My people cannot survive if the future allowed one single white gentile to exist.”

No, they have to build giant conspiracies between Commies or Jews to show what the official attitude is.

Meanwhile, all the authorities are saying, “No other group can exist if the future allows one single white gentile to exist.” When will someone besides Bob throw their own words in their faces and demand why we not only are not allowed to survive, but are not allowed to TALK about our survival?

I want less world views and more militant translations.

The Mantra is a militant translation.

The Mantra is NOT “the sounds of one hand clapping.” The Mantra does not dazzle you with the Old Man’s Wisdom.

The Mantra is one old man who is sick and tired of people trying to show people how smart they are and refusing to take down their words and use them against them, again and again and again and again and ad infinitum.



What Would a BUGS Takeover Take Over?

My whole career has been spotted with incidents where people have been trying to take over groups.

My reaction to trolls in BUGS has been less feeling threatened than being flattered. But the poor bastards who decide to take over BUGS face the same kind of problem as that faced by the anti-whites trying to argue with us.

There’s no THERE THERE.

Other organizations come with bank accounts and, far, far more important, with contributors’ lists. These are lists of people who have given before and who give fairly regularly. A SINGLE contributor’s name, address, and giving history can sell for several hundred dollars. When groups are sold, almost all the assets consist of the CLs.

Another valuable thing a group has is its endorsements.

BUGS has one contributor and one known endorser.

When an outfit is having a major effect on public information, a big asset its enemies get by taking it over secretly is discrediting it. Again this takeover asset runs into a major block by the nature of BUGS. Absolutely none of our arguments that are causing so much trouble have anything to do with the credibility of BUGS.

If BUGS were exposed as a den of Satanists, it would have no effect on the simple fact that “assimilation” is aimed at ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

The Feds spent fifteen million bucks or so convicting David Duke because of the importance of his name. Nothing about Bob’s message is based on Bob’s name.

They are concentrating some fairly heavy resources on us, or would if it would do any good.

So if you can think of anything they could do to us or with us, I’d like to hear about it.



Miscegenation madness

Anti-Whites love to point out that tobacco corporations depict smokers in their advertisement campaigns as muscular, good-looking bad-asses, wearing leather jackets and shades, and who are surrounded by all the ladies – in other words cool people.

Anti-Whites will readily identify that piece of visual information produced by tobacco corporations as visual propaganda – which it is; tobacco corporations are playing on the human need to identify.

Yet when anti-White corporations depict miscegenation (ALWAYS involving a White/non-White couple) in music videos, TV programs, etc., as “totally cool modern awesome anti-racists,” suddenly it’s just a big coincidence, and saying otherwise makes you a “Nazi-who-wants-to-kill-6-million-jooze”.

Well, that’s what Political Correctness zealots are like after all.