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What if it was nature instead of our race?

It’s amazing how much you can get away with if you just put the right “spin” on your actions.

Take the anti-White establishment. If you are to ask any of the governments or institutions that comprise the anti-White establishment what their racial policy is, they will most likely respond that they are “colorblind,” they are race neutral, they don’t make distinction between races or that they have no racial policy. All of this is meant to tell you that they just don’t care about any race or anything racial all that much. Many people just take what they SAY at face value without looking at what they actually DO.

In practice the racial policy of the anti-White establishment is absolute genocide against our White race. If you examine the real world actions they take (non-White immigration, integration, assimilation into White countries) it is all geared entirely to the destruction of our race. It is a genocidal racial policy completely hostile to the continued existence of our race.  It is the furthest possible thing from the “Well golly gee I just don’t really pay that much attention to this ‘race’ thing” attitude they present.

Imagine an establishment that was completely hostile to the natural environemt. Everything they did was harmful to the environment. They engaged in acts of pollution, deforestation, elimination of animals species etc… with zeal, totally bent on the destruction of the natural world.

Of course they never called it a program of environmental destruction. Instead they used terms like “post-natural” and claimed they were engaging in a program of “anti-naturism” describing “naturism” as all the bad things about the natural world, poisonous plants, violent predators, sunburns etc… They claimed anyone opposed to their program of environmental destruction was an evil “naturist” who wanted people to get attacked by animals, sunburnt and step in poison ivy.

Whenever you asked them what their environmental policy was they responded that they didn’t make distinctions between the natural and man-made world and they had no environmental policy. They didn’t hate nature, they just didn’t think it was superior to artificial environments. Most people just took them at their word and didn’t even realize that what was going on was nothing less than the total destruction of the natural world. When it was pointed out that this was environmental destruction, some people even cheered for the end of “naturism” and all the animal attacks, and poison ivy rashes and called you an evil “naturist” for being opposed to it. They said anyone concerned about environmental destruction was a “nature supremacist” and wanted to burn down people’s houses because they weren’t part of nature.

This is of course the exact predicament we are in today, but instead of nature being destroyed… it is our race. We are facing an establishment that claims to be “race neutral” while committing itself totally to the genocide of our race. So what is the first step for us?

Just like the first step for someone concerned about the destruction of nature would be to demand the right to speak about nature, the first step for those of us who are concerned about the destruction of our race is to demand the right to speak about race… something we are currently denied.

The next step for those concerned about the destruction of nature would be to point out their rhetoric about not making distinctions between natural and artificial environments and wanting to protect houses from being burnt down by crazy “nature supremacists” was just a cover for a program of complete destruction of the natural environment.

Likewise the next step for us would be to point out that all their rhetoric about not making distinctions between races and wanting to protect innocent non-Whites from evil “White supremacists” who want to hurt them… is a cover for a program of genocide against our race.



Continue Your Attacks on Their, Uh, Retail Section

Anti-whites never say anything that you and I have not heard a thousand times.

The way to crush them is not to answer what they say, but to TELL that they are just repeating what we have all heard hundreds of time.

If you can get them to see themselves as WE see them, they will be crushed. People can take being out argued, but being exposed as a mindless repeater is unbearable to people who have been trained to think they‘re. smart.

Over and over and over again, our new writers are emphasizing and REPEATING that they are straight traitors, HORRIBLE people and, above all, LITTLE people.

God knows we should never let them feel anything but what they are. They pay respectable conservatives a lot of money to make them feel like they have a point, one of the Two Sides. Don’t you DARE start doing that.

And you haven’t.

Kick their asses, troops!

Here’s Gavin using his foot to good advantage.