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O’Reilly Uses Anti-White

Dozens of times I have seen my own words FINALLY break out in the major media.

But this is the first time in my life anyone ELSE has known it!

First, congratulations and thanks to you.

My condition makes it hard for me to think of the most obvious examples, but I can think of one.

Economists and libertarians and liberals and everyone else had never talked about any aspect of immigration but the fact that, apparently free of charge, Mexicans and American businesses made money when the labor went from Mexico across the imaginary boundary to the US.

I did a piece in my 1982 book about the fact that the reason Mexicans became more valuable the minute they stepped across the line was because they were leaving a country run by Mexicans for one settled by and ruled by Americans. But everybody still kept saying it was a free benefit, so an unlimited number of people should be allowed to cross the border.

The European Union declared that it wanted free movement of capital and goods and LABOR. Labor is just another factor of production, you see.

So I simplified and simplified until I got it down to the words, “Labor VOTES.“

It would be long story while I tracked those two words as you have tracked “anti-white.” It did in fact have a HUGE effect on discussions of immigrants, whereas before only one side had had any argument at all.

In other words, it would take me a book to explain even one instance of how NOT to use books for this purpose.

“Anti-white,” like everything else I did, was impossible for anyone but us to track.

O’Reilly would tell you that he has said “anti-white” dozens of times, but what he said was “anti-white AND anti-Semitic.” Farrakhan’s anti-white rhetoric was routine in black churches, as Obama’s minister showed, but when they started attacking a protected minority, THE protected minority, the shouts begin.

And ONLY then.

But you can imagine what a pleasure it is for me to celebrate WITH others as our seed sprouts roots.