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How Do Porcupines Make Love?

The answer to that question is the same as the answer to “How do you go from coaching neophytes to coaching journeymen?”

How to change any bit of the Mantra approach now that you’re been out there a while?

Same answer again:

VERY carefully.

Ask your teammates.

And watch yourself! Try to be sure you are part of our general effort rather than deviating off into some theme of your own.

The term “mini-mantra” was not coined by me. At a certain point, the coaches begin making their own new language and their own practices, but all as a team and within the rules.

If you drift, you or your teammates must catch you.

Changes are taking place that I never wanted to discuss THEORETICALLY. Only those that know the game and have spent a lot of time on the field. should make the slightest adjustment.

Ask other team members here whether it WORKS. That is always a tough call.

But if you start throwing in religion or abortion or Jews in place of our only issue, I will raise hell.