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(KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid

Anti-Whites are brainwashed fools who do not realize that their actual role in life is to justify and support the Genocide of a particular race of people. Instead they are fooled into thinking they are actually fighting naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

For decades most of our side (even the ones who were for real) were brainwashed into obliging them by acting like Nazis, and talking about superior White IQ scores, Black crime rates, and scheming Jews.

So for decades the people who actually had the hard job made it look easy. And the people who actually had the easy job made it look hard.

Talking about Black crime stats, etc…. when you are facing a deliberate attempt at Genocide, is a bit like complaining to the police because the guy who stole your car had an unpaid speeding ticket. And yet some people still wonder how we got nowhere after all those years of doing exactly what our opponents wanted us to do.

It’s amazing how clear and simple it all becomes when you take a step back. Start seeing through the BS, and actually start pointing to the crime being committed. What we have is actually the easy job. And it even comes complete with the moral high ground too. But in the beginning, it’s ONLY there for those who have the clear presence of mind to see it, and the sense of destiny and moral guidance to want it.

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It’s GENOCIDE!

And don’t ever let the sick b@stards forget it.