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FEAR: The greatest barrier to success and creation.

Being relaxed, without worry, unafraid, and confident in the moment allows you to be more creative and perceive reality with more clarity.  The reason the military does drills over and over is to prepare people to carry out tasks when they’re extremely fearful.  It’s hard to think straight when you’re scared.

That which holds back humans most is fear.

The fear response is useful if a tornado is ripping through town or when wild animals attack. If you’re on the African savanna and a lion attacks you or a giant baboon comes at you the fear response is there to take over when reason won’t work anymore.  You wouldn’t try to reason with a lion.  Wild animals live in almost constant fear.

Sometimes humans can be like wild animals as well (which is the result of fear).  Here’s an example of a person, (who probably teaches at an Ivy League school?), who is no different than an animal.  I found this comment at a website called “Mind Book.”  At Mind Book’s home page they describe the site as follows:

“Mind book is a respectful social network comprised of open-minded people that have a passion for consciousness-elevating, stimulating, and meaningful ideas and information.” (1)

So now that you have an introduction to “Mind Book” here’s the comment I found at this site.  It’s in reference to the Greek Nationalist Party which has been experiencing some recent successes.

“Could be, but they are also neo-nazis who should be dealt with. If I lived in Greece, I’d be planting bombs at their headquarters and murdering them in the streets. These fascists are sick people, you can see them and their ways in videos people are posting. I do have a little understanding of occult magick and im not attacking that, but a fascist is a fascist…as if these ignorant neanderthals hold any secret knowledge. “(Geoff Anderson) (2)

This commenter (“Geoff Anderson”) at the site “Mind Book” is so filled with fear that he can only react like an animal to ideas that he doesn’t even have the capability of trying to understand. For these people we must act as one would when dealing with a wild animal.  This person is not capable of rational discussion.

So besides the obvious times when fear is useful in defending yourself (from irrational animals) or escaping danger, (like a hurricane), fear is not useful.

We at BUGS, (and others who have an interest in the survival and amelioration of a bio-cultural human group known as Whites), should understand that we have nothing to fear.  We oppose the genocide of a human group which would be more than acceptable, (and even encouraged), if this human group was known as “Mexican,” or “Native American,” or “ Tibetan,” or “Jewish.”   Pro-Whites are scientifically and morally in the right.  We break no laws.  We don’t take part in violence. We don’t encourage violence.

All we do is disseminate a message in opposition to the genocide of a human group.  We disseminate this message mostly with words but this writer also highly encourages creating art that conveys the message.  The animation of Follow the White Rabbit and the music of JohnnyWhiteRabbit are examples of such art.

Whites have been programmed to feel fear at the idea of opposing the forced integration and assimilation of White countries, communities, and institutions.  This fear has been cultivated to cause inaction.  IOW, this fear is programmed in you to stop you from opposing the program of White genocide.  What we know today as “political correctness” is a mechanism for keeping people afraid.   The truth of the matter is that we have no reason to be afraid and are 100% justified in our desire to survive and thrive just as any other human group.

All of us at BUGS and/or other pro-White activists, must always keep in mind that we have no reason to fear. The more we can overcome our fears, the more effective we will be at not only smashing the anti-White system, but at creating anything we put our minds to.



Look for more articles on the subject of fear from this writer in the future.