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BoardAd came up with this Guest Writer Program.

Bob is elated, and not just because he wants to do less work.

Well, not ENTIRELY because he wants to do less work.

The Guest Writer Program, put into effect by BoardAd, has done very well.

I remind you that my one huge worry was that I would end up like William Pierce, saying on my deathbed that I had no worthy successor. Henry VII had it right: Successors are EVERYTHING.

The ultimate victory for me would be for you to be successors.

Believe me, I now how it feels to break into writing. So let me tell those who had the GUTS to send in articles, so far every one has been a real contribution.

And I noticed that guest articles got more comments than my recent ones.

As for the comments, they outdid my hopes.

One discussion covered the wording of the Mantra. But what DELIGHTED me was it came out as team work, not niggling over a word.

To sum it up, you are showing signs of being ready to get out of the egg and start eating worms.

And starting your own nests.

Seriously, the articles are impressive to me, and the comments keeping them in line are impressive to Ole Bob,

Bob of BUGS has produced a team that can go right up into collegiate and pro.

You now only have to learn to control your nerves and get experience.

Because you are not afraid to face and cut down everybody in what they consider their Intellectual Big Leagues.

It is great feeling to be BEST at something.

Enjoy it.

And send me their scalps.

The Comments hit on the discipline and how it applied. Further it discussed standard suggestions for changing the Mantra.

Yu can always tell a BUGSER from an outsider, a pro-white who has been fighting from a pro-white who has been theorizing, by his undertone of “Did you try it? Did it WORK!”

And underneath, there is development. In the face of the desbots, you have to develop mini-mantras.

I see commenters stating how they ran into a comment and grabbed back into the pile of one-sentence ammunition the Mantra provides and pulled out the grenade they needed.