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“Going Public” with Street Activism

“Do we really have a chance without going public?” (John Locke)

The commenter “John Locke” asked the question above regarding street activism. For some time now I’ve been thinking about this subject so I took his comment as a good opportunity to address it.

One mistake many White activists make is assuming that street activism is necessary for our success. They believe this because they see National Socialist Germany as their model. This is a mistake. The NS of Germany had to spread their message via the street because there was no other way to get a message out when they had no access to the major media sources (newspapers, radio). Today with the internet this isn’t necessary.

Since the beginning of American White Nationalism not one street demonstration/rally has made one bit of difference (in fact, in total they’ve probably had a negative effect). Even the intellectual White Nationalists with their scholarly meetings and 1000 page tomes have had more success at influencing minds compared to the street marchers. The worst elements of White Nationalist Times Past have been the street marchers. When discussing street marchers, some White Nationalists will say “at least they have balls.”  It’s important to understand that it’s easy to “have balls” when you have nothing to lose or when you’re paid by the anti-Whites.

Of course, although it’s not really necessary to have street marches, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If people wanted to wear BUGS t-shirts with the Mantra printed on the back and clean up a public park or beach, this would be good activism.  If someone wanted to hand out mantra flyers while wearing a White Rabbit costume, this too would be good.  If someone wanted to walk across America (and say the mantra in the town center of all the towns they pass through) to raise awareness of White genocide (while wearing a BUGS or Follow the White Rabbit t-shirt), this could be an option as well.

The most important aspect to consider with public activism (or any dissemination of a message) is the presentation. Political theater is art. This is where one needs to take an honest look at oneself and determine if one is truly appropriate for representing the pro-White movement. If one is a poor public speaker, or prone to anger and excitability, or is just plain ugly, they should be wise enough to know that they’ll only hurt the cause they claim to advocate for. When it comes to people like this, they should accept that they’re not cut out for this role and find another way to help the cause (spreading the mantra at the SWARM, creating art, website support, financial support, writing articles).

So to answer John Locke’s question regarding street rallies and “going public,” the answer is “NO,” we don’t need to do this to “have a chance.” We just need to disseminate our message in the most attractive and creative way possible. If someone wants to try to disseminate the message using political theater on the street, then go for it. But it has to be done in an attractive and creative way.

With that said, if I were the anti-Whites and I was worried (which they are…trust me) about the message at BUGS spreading out of control, I would create a street activist entity for the purpose of polluting the message. I would populate this entity with buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos and have them go public to push the BUGS message while acting like circus monkeys.

I would then give them media attention so that they become the face of the BUGS message. I would use the SPLC to report on this entity of circus monkeys to frame them as the face of the pro-White consistent message. I would do all I could to try to associate the BUGS message with this unit of circus monkeys.

This is what I’m looking for. The enemy knows it can’t handle our message. So the best thing they can do is try to pollute it and associate it with the buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos of White Nationalist Times Past.  Look for the sudden appearance of a street activism entity that starts getting a lot of media exposure.

The anti-Whites have been doing all they can to ignore BUGS, Follow the White Rabbit, and the Mantra.  BUGS and Follow the White Rabbit appear nowhere on the SPLC’s or ADL’s website and this is out of fear of advertising our message for us.  Of course, they’ll feature big reports on “radical right” entities with 6 people, but won’t dare say a word about BUGS or FTWR.

But they know that they have to DO SOMETHING to try to stop the spread of our message!  So the anti-Whites will create this street activism entity (which may also have an internet radio show, YouTube channel, or blog) to pollute our message and associate it with the buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos of White Nationalist Times Past.  Remember that the anti-Whites can’t handle a practiced BUGS Adept (they’ll never invite Bob, or the White Rabbit, or Lord Nelson, or Beefcake on a radio show or TV interview).  All they can do is use dirty tricks (1).  So they’ll create their own BUGSter circus monkey unit that they can handle and present it as the face of our message.





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