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News, Like Jews, is for Stormfront

One of the rules BUGS has developed is, “Stay on the offensive.”

The really nice thing about that phrase is that BOB did NOT invent it!

And I would know. One of my major strategies has been to recognize my own exact turn of phrase. It is the only way of telling where I am getting in and, therefore, what is succeeding. Recognizing these tiny turns has been the basis of my strategy for well over half a century.

Who but me would have isolated the most obvious-sounding term, “anti-white?” Who else would have noticed that that term was NEVER used in the mainstream, ANYWHERE. It was ALWAYS “anti-white and anti-Semitic.”

So the victory of O’Reilly using “anti-white” doesn’t have to be explained to anyone inside BUGS.

Yes, he had BLACKS screaming they were anti-white for the year before that. But respectable conservatives always use “anti-white” in the mouths of non-whites, but never never, NEVER has it been uttered in National Review or by Hannity without the required “and anti-Semitic.”

SO I am an expert at recognizing a new term and knowing whether it came from ME.

I get tired all over every time I see another news item anywhere in our pages.

Anybody can read the latest. Only a FEW of us can do the hard job of getting out there and REPORTING on our MESSAGE

We are improving. More and more exchanges, independent of me, go on about the wording we get back and the wording of how we deal with it. News items and enemy speeches are available with billions of dollars behind them. Every news item here helps the enemy.

If someone started talking about how bad whites are, I had to come up with the obvious reply: We are accusing them of genocide, so they seek to JUSTIFY genocide. How many thousands of Jew-obsessed tomes would have to be written to have the effect of that short point?

Stormfront was a major cause of our existence. Stormfront has had news items for years that appear nowhere else. And Stormfront is MUCH bigger than we are.

Render unto BUGS what is Bugs’s and unto SF what is Stormfront’s.