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Who the Hicks Are

In the Canterbury Tales, a peasant complains to the priest about the fact that he is unintelligent and unhealthy, and the priest is an obviously hale and smart man. He then goes on to bemoan the fact that the best men in any community seemed to be the priests, so that the only men who breed are the lesser men.

He goes on to bemoan loudly the fact that as this keeps us, generation after generation of Englishmen, growing dumber and weaker.

Chaucer broke all the rules because he wrote in English when French was the Only True Tongue in England. He said what only peasants would say.

And as soon as he did, he pointed out an old peasant who was bemoaning dysgenics.

Dysgenics became, centuries later, a theme for Intellectuals. But then it wasn’t called own breeding or some common word. It became a GREEK word, which made it intellectual.

Most people would agree with that and say it is Fashion that makes Intellectuals miss pretty well everything that doesn’t come dressed in Greek or Latin or French.

To them it is a shortcoming. To me it is a crime. To other people it is merely not seeing things clearly. To me it is babbling idiocy.

And to me it is a crime.

What if a PEASANT missed vital point that was expressed in GREEK?

What if peasants totally missed out on dysgenics for fifteen hundred years because the Bards never discussed it?

This is not just raving, this is Mantra Thinking.

I have pointed out before that long before Doctor Jenner was born, it had been noted that, in the midst of smallpox epidemics, the girls who milked the cows didn’t get the disease.

Nobody noticed this but peasant gossips. It never even began to occur to any University Doctor to find out WHY the milking girls didn’t get it. They studied Galen In Greek.
These FACTS are known generally. But I am not speaking of KNOWLEDGE, I am speaking of a WAY OF THINKING.

Anyone else will read what I wrote, and his reaction will be pleasant, Uppah Claaass chuckle at the foolishness of scholars.

We are talking about people who allowed millions to die and tens of millions to be horribly disfigured by a preventable disease. It was a crime, and to be understating about it, it was at least a misdemeanor.

I do not look at passive-aggressive condescension to white genocide in an indulgent Uppah class way. I look at the way a professional Jew looks at the Passive-aggressive stance tens of millions of Germans took on Nazi anti-Semitism, “Why should I care?”

But in this case it is WHITES who are being passive-aggressive about the survival of WHITES.

It is almost impossible for others to learn the word in a Mantra way.

I could say that tens of millions of children made hideous, crippled or dead was the direct results of “Intellectualism.”

Who would understand it?

More important, who would be able to think that way when ANOTHER horror caused by “routine” attitudes was exposed?