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What Would a BUGS Takeover Take Over?

My whole career has been spotted with incidents where people have been trying to take over groups.

My reaction to trolls in BUGS has been less feeling threatened than being flattered. But the poor bastards who decide to take over BUGS face the same kind of problem as that faced by the anti-whites trying to argue with us.

There’s no THERE THERE.

Other organizations come with bank accounts and, far, far more important, with contributors’ lists. These are lists of people who have given before and who give fairly regularly. A SINGLE contributor’s name, address, and giving history can sell for several hundred dollars. When groups are sold, almost all the assets consist of the CLs.

Another valuable thing a group has is its endorsements.

BUGS has one contributor and one known endorser.

When an outfit is having a major effect on public information, a big asset its enemies get by taking it over secretly is discrediting it. Again this takeover asset runs into a major block by the nature of BUGS. Absolutely none of our arguments that are causing so much trouble have anything to do with the credibility of BUGS.

If BUGS were exposed as a den of Satanists, it would have no effect on the simple fact that “assimilation” is aimed at ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

The Feds spent fifteen million bucks or so convicting David Duke because of the importance of his name. Nothing about Bob’s message is based on Bob’s name.

They are concentrating some fairly heavy resources on us, or would if it would do any good.

So if you can think of anything they could do to us or with us, I’d like to hear about it.