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Militant Translation

SPLC had a fundraiser that sounded like me with a gallon of bourbon in me.

SPLC was raising hell about the LACK OF BLACKS in Northern Idaho!

This was a fund-raising issue, taken seriously by SPLC donors.

I saw no one but me on our side even comment on this.

Nor would anyone else get the point. I doubt if Adolf Hitler himself ever stated that “The Aryan race cannot survive if there is one single Jew left on earth.”

But leaders of Hispanics, Jews, blacks, gypsies, you name it, are all saying, ALL THE TIME:

“My people cannot survive if the future allowed one single white gentile to exist.”

No, they have to build giant conspiracies between Commies or Jews to show what the official attitude is.

Meanwhile, all the authorities are saying, “No other group can exist if the future allows one single white gentile to exist.” When will someone besides Bob throw their own words in their faces and demand why we not only are not allowed to survive, but are not allowed to TALK about our survival?

I want less world views and more militant translations.

The Mantra is a militant translation.

The Mantra is NOT “the sounds of one hand clapping.” The Mantra does not dazzle you with the Old Man’s Wisdom.

The Mantra is one old man who is sick and tired of people trying to show people how smart they are and refusing to take down their words and use them against them, again and again and again and again and ad infinitum.