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Being Called a Ghost Doesn’t Make you a Ghost

Yes, a lot of us would like to shout, “You’re damned right I’m a racist!”

The problem is that the person calling you racist is mindless.

So for you to confess to a mindless accusation makes you mindless too.

If someone irritating said “You’re a ghost!” you would look a little ridiculous shouting, “Yes, I’m a ghost!”

You might want to ask them first what the hell makes them think you’re a ghost, what a ghost is, stuff like that.

What you are proud of is that that the traitorous, mindless piece of crap CALLS you a racist.

I have often said, “Lord, I am so glad you call me a racist. You call anybody who disagrees with you a racist, and I certainly disagree with you.”

I have used the same line about Nazis.

It deflates the living hell out of them.

I have no monopoly on this now. I starred in a You Tube drama by our Scandinavian BUGSERS did about this very point.

Before we were banned, it got 110,000 views on You Tube, largely because of my acting skill.

Without me it would have 109,999.