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Jesus Was Not Dysgenic

The DaVinci Code resulted in a shock which, if everyone hadn’t been trained by Mommy Professor, would have led to a serious complete rethinking of history.

Before the book came out, every Catholic and Protestant theologian or Church-goer, if asked about Jesus’ sex life, would have said there wasn’t one.

This was so obvious it didn’t need any discussion. But when the Da Vinci Code came out, everybody suddenly realized they had no idea about this.

So they came up with an explanation which leaves everybody OK. It was Constantine’s fault you see.

Yea, right.

So this kept anybody from talking about the obvious difference between Saint Paul’s church, which was based on a then degenerate intellectual Zoroastrianism and Jesus, who never denounced sex or marriage at all.

And this is the story of people who do not do Mantra Thinking: Things keep being found out that upset history, so an answer is developed and accepted that happens to make everybody feel good.

Mantra Thinking says that the more any answer can be explained as the most convenient one, the more certain it is to be a lie.

The end of every TV Documentary consists of The Sermon. It explains how all the information given it can be rammed into a Politically Correct context.

History looks entirely different to a Mantra Thinker. I think the DaVinci Code itself threw in the Constantine theory to make it all right.

Which makes all the News in the book irrelevant. You’re no smarter when you started than when you finished.

If you dismiss The Sermon though, things like this change history for you.

Each new Gospel, right up to the Book of Judas around 300 AD, had more and more straight LATE, Degenerate Zoroastrianism.

Apparently it was considered Intellectual then to show you knew Persian Thinking, just as a Buckley today would use French to impress you.

So the fanatically dysgenic legacy of Saint Paul took over Christianity. It was an assumed that Jesus, too, wanted to spay or neuter anyone who could be taught to read.

And with the Constantine Explanation to fight off Mantra Thinking, no one is going to figure out anything different