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Avoid The Quicksand.

Forgive the lecturing tone of this piece;  I wrote this as a reminder to MYSELF.  I don’t see experienced BUGsters doing what I describe; but it might help new people coming aboard to understand the mission.


Why are the Anti-Whites attempting to commit genocide against my people?  What is the motivation of Anti-Whites?  Is it hate?  Is it some pathology or some unknown genetic trait that scientists haven’t yet discovered?  I would like to suggest an approach to this question when doing Mantra work:




Why do I need to understand why someone is committing genocide against my race?  What’s really important is that it is happening.  Everyone knows genocide is evil.  There can be a hundred motives for an Anti-White:  hate, greed, and things we won’t ever understand.  Illuminati, Jewish grudges or the Royal family.  But getting off into the swamp of “root causes” is a strategy for getting stuck in quicksand; especially when doing Mantra work.


There will come a time, after our victory is in progress, when it may be useful to focus on what makes Anti-Whites tick, because endless speculation about the psychology of an Anti-White would make a fine series of university courses someday.  I would like to see degrees granted in White Genocide Studies.   But that is in the future when we will be trying to keep the Anti-White program of genocide forever dead, much like the plan Bob has for assuring there is money to be made by getting reparations for White Genocide and going after the pocketbooks of the grand-descendants of Anti-Whites.


We are not there yet.  When doing Mantra work, it is far more effective to avoid speculation about Anti-White motives.  You can ask an Anti-White things like, “Why are you justifying genocide?”, but let him wrestle with that question, not you.  Every answer you give becomes a potential distraction – it becomes something the other side can argue about rather than facing the ongoing program of White Genocide.



Mental Evolutions Begins with Basics

We’ve got ’em screaming!

One commenter quoted an anti-white saying “[Bob is] a senile old fanatic telling them exactly what to say.”

I also remember a thousand times WE used to complain about how THEY repeated the same things.

I also noted that all that time, THEY won.

Nobody is going to say, “Gee you pro-whites are doing GOOD.”

Do you remember the first basic course you had in anything? Every single time it was repetitive, it was BORING.

And you couldn’t get started any other way.

From doing the ABC’s in Kindergarten to being a writer is a long trip. You don’t invent until you have BEEN there. This is true of everything.

There is always a lot to unlearn. So it’s ein, zwei,drei, und so weiter, on and on and on. Your teacher can not tell you exactly when to start doing it in your head.

What the teacher DOES batter into your head is that you can’t make mathematics up.

My message has been “It is BROKE, so let’s FIX it.”

But first we have to get over what was BROKE. We’ve been LOSING. Our leaders have been attacked on respectability and have therefore desperately reacted to show they’re SMART.

The only alternative to all the errors we have been making is starting back at the very basic, for which I produced the Mantra. This is very hard for a child who loves to shout “ZILLIONS!!!” but it is the only way to the real world.

This is not about making a Name Leader Impressive. This is about effectiveness. You’ll never get to Calculus if you don’t start sighing and repeating the basics AGAIN.

Yes, the time comes when you begin to do the math in your head, when you can loosen up on exact repetition.

But that is after the repetition is down pat, then you know how to proceed from there.

You have to get out there and TRY the 1, 2, 3 basics. Evolution will happen, IS happening, while you all go out there and TRY them out. And again and again you need others to remind you not to yell “Zillions” and what, exactly, it is you are trying to do.

This is all being done in our Swarm.

If you’re not in the Swarm you’re part of the problem.

We are evolving, starting with REPEATED basics.



Keep It Up!

My comments on comments on Horus’ article and its repeat have gotten long enough to make into at least an article in itself.

Horus says that Little BUGsers are shooting up all over the place and are beginning to eat their creator.

If he means that the way I take it, it is the outcome I have dreamed of since 1998.

It means I do not need to preside over getting our ideas out. You grab ’em and run with ’em.

It makes me very, very happy just to sit and watch you go at it.

In one set of comments, a commenter tried to make it clear that they really ARE out to get us, little tiny BUGSer and our runaway concepts. He put together the efforts that have been made and by whom to show that they are mobilizing specifically against the BUGS’ teams at a large scale professional level.

And they never mention BUGS.

The commenter was probably a bit irritated at how others did not realize how important this is.

I know the feeling.

I have told you dozens of timers how I was instrumental in bringing the USSR down and the Space Telescope up and such things. These are either wildly huge claims or you wonder why others got the attention.

Now you see the fight I have been in for decades.

The enemy knows damned well how good I am at this. Our side, like respectable conservatives, are clueless about that.

I also had no idea how much the petition to Putin has thrown the other side. Well, to put first things first, I had no idea it had taken off at all. When I proposed it we got a few comments about it so I went on to other ideas.

But I see now that people are grabbing our good ideas and running with them.

Normally when I have had a suggestion over the last half century, several people might say, “Why doesn’t somebody…,” so I fed my stuff very professionally through my articles read in politically professional circles and made sure they weren’t tainted with my name, so they came out in national columns a few months later.

It is a new and wonderful feeling, after decades of finding ways to sneak intelligent ideas past conservatives to find people grabbing my stuff and running with it.

Shoot ‘em, six gun!



Personal Note From Bob to Beefcake

In his first discussion, Beefcake talked about the fact that as a youth he had been depressed about dysgenics.

As he said, the idea of a young man being depressed about genetic decline, smart good-looking people being sterile while the dregs multiplied like rabbits, sounded strange to most people. That is where he started and he found the Mantra.

Such a confession is almost uncomfortably personal. I am sure Beefcake wondered if he should admit that that is how he got started. Today one is supposed to start a talk about the latest rock record or the latest violent incident.

I remember reading one historical fiction where the hero and his friend went by a nunnery and the gatekeeper was a beautiful young girl. His friend got upset that anyone should condemn a beautiful young girl like that to the sterility of nunhood.

That is the normal reaction of a normal male. A normal man would be upset at locking a beautiful woman up for sterility.

Then it hit me that I had never seen this normal reaction by a character in historical fiction books. I have never seen it since.

Women bemoan the fact that so many gay men that they know are handsome. Well, they aren’t allowed to bemoan it so they NOTE it.

I can’t remember how many times I have heard a black woman note that a big time black “wouldn’t have any interest in me.”

But all the men and women above have an underlying shame at such reactions. Black women know that they should never criticize the black man’s role in our society, which is to marry white women.

To be upset at locking a lovely woman up in sterility potentially offends both conservative Catholics and Political Correctness, which, cutting out all the bullshit, says that a woman who has a baby is a slave to men.

I doubt that I am the only one who reads historical novels and dreads the moment when the monk or nun who is the leading character gets some young man or woman to neuter or spay themselves in a joyful ending where they “find a vocation.”

I thought it was sick when Ingrid Bergman played a nun in “The Singing Nun” had the same impression on me.

Like Beefcake, I sensed dysgenics was SICK before I reached my teens.

So, Beefcake, I noted some stated that your first show stated some truths about your own attitudes that were not strategically optimal. But you shared a feeling that to me is altogether natural and makes me feel very close to you.



Debating Anti-Whites 101

Remember: —-> Ask the questions! —-> Take control! —-> Point (repeatedly) to the crime being committed —-> Nail these sick brainwashed Anti-White bast@rds!

Translation: —-> Attack! —-> Attack! —-> Attack!

Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.