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Our enemy is very dumb

When Europe started bringing in non-Whites in order to commit the first stage of White genocide (mass immigration), Muslims were the first choice. This was because they were the closest non-Whites to Europe.

Europe and the Muslims had been enemies for yonks, and when both groups were forced to live in the same area they naturally separated themselves and tried to dominate the other.

Anti-White elites completely overlooked this simple fact and shipped them in by the boatload.

Take it from a European: there’s a hell of a lot of Muslims in Europe. And most of them aren’t looking to assimilate, they’re looking to dominate. To them it’s not a racial/ethnic conquest, it’s a cultural & religious one.

This is bad for the anti-Whites, because it’s political competition – Muslim people want Muslim leaders. And because those silly anti-Whites with their social engineering made it socially unacceptable to say anything negative about non-Whites, they can’t mass-deport them because then they become the “Nazis-who-wants-to-kill-6-million-jooze”.

This whole situation backfired on them because they lacked foresight.

Now they’re calling for Eastern Europe to Asian itself up.