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Swarm UP

The following article is from Horus:

The Swarm is now open to any and all links once again. Prior to White Rabbit Radio the Swarm did not exist so I always feel a special responsibility to those in the Swarm especially those new to the Swarm. The last thing we want are new Bugsters getting frustrated over all their comments getting blocked for various reasons. Youtube and other internet sites changed their rules overnight.

You can review some of the links over at the CofCC.

In general, Pro-Whites own the Net. Some people laugh when I say that, but the enemy knows it and they are even starting to admit it. We know that some of these new rules were specifically designed because of our activities. So we issued some new guideline and wanted to check out a few things from our sources.

If any of you post links and you notice that the comments are not showing up on the Swarm target, slow down on posting links. There were a few trusted Bugsters who reported that their comments were disappearing from places like Youtube after they posted links on the Swarm. This happened quite a few times to only some of the Swarm and is something we will continue to monitor. In other words, some of you are being tailgated. When someone starts tailgating you so they can mark your comments as spam or something. Well you know what to do.

Youtube is enforcing community guidelines. Of course, they are only going out of their way to enforce them on us. This means that if you have a Youtube Channel, you are going to have to approve/moderate all the comments. If you approve a comment or two that goes against their “community guidelines”, expect to get shut down.

The programs that run Youtube cannot thoroughly police itself so they run various searches on the comment sections looking for key words or some repetition of key words. In short, they are making every channel holder police themselves and if they catch you approving anything that goes against their community guidelines they shut down your channel. If you are using Youtube via TOR or other anonymous proxies, you can also expect to have your account shut down eventually. No big deal if you are planning ahead and you have multiple different accounts.

Also, there is no need to yell the Mantra in a crowded theater…….where everyone is watching the Mantra. When coming across a video or animation and maybe even an article that is obviously Mantrastic, there is no need to come out blazing the Mantra in full regalia. Let the crowd watch it and then observe their comments. The appropriate response from the Swarm would be short one liners in response to comments and maybe short Mantra-esque quips. Remember the viewers are watching the Mantra. You cannot “un-watch” something. Let the Mantra work for you on the big screen and go into a support role.

Some have said “not reporting the links is killing the swarm”. The Swarm was well past the killing point long ago. You can pull out your James Bond style bag of dirty tricks but you won’t get anywhere Only the naïve would believe that something like the Swarm is dependent on link reporting or could be killed by not reporting links. I assume this statement was made out of fear of NOT seeing all the activity one usual sees on the Swarm. As a proven Cat Herder, I can assure you that the process does not work in any intuitive way. As someone who has a track record of actually attracting people into using a consistent message. The Swarm is well beyond shutdown point. Coming to BUGS and reading the Swarm and the Links motivates some Swarmers. It is good advertising but, in reality, it only helps motivate a percentage of the Swarm. It just so happens that the percentage it motivates are the only ones being vocal….and that is fine by me ….post and report.

From reading some of the responses of those that “post and report” many believe they are in some group dependent on conventional leaders and some conventional structure. They are worried about the Swarm surviving Ole Bob, etc., etc. Maybe at one time you were dependent on structure where someone had to get something going and give it some structure. But those days are long gone. The Swarm, whether online, or in the local level is not dependent on some permanently defined structure in any conventional sense. The genie is out of the bottle.

There was always some thinking that we need special gimmicks or massive amounts of money to reach millions. No, you only need the basics. Right now, our terminology is being used in far flung places all around the planet. The word Anti-White is literally all over the damn place. This has had nothing to do with money or advertising gimmicks. This has been successful because of the basics. Anti-white was seeded using only the internet and a raw application of the basics. This will work for us time and time again.

I have received some emails asking me about some new Swarm server development. Apparently, someone has emailed certain parties requesting they help work on some new BUGS site on another server or something along those lines. Those emails were not from me or Bob or anyone else involved in BUGS management. BUGS would NEVER send random emails asking for help. Although there is new help coming in to manage the tech demands of the Swarm, we have no intentions of moving the Swarm. While there are independent meeting places online for Swarm Europe, these are neither endorsed nor encouraged by BUGS management. We just encourage you to get out a message.

Stormfront and WNN both have a designated BUGS area. However, we do not plan on moving the Swarm. We plan on a Whitakeronline overhaul in the future. The “children” of Whitakeronline are BUGS and the Swarm and the children are eating the parent. We are in discussions on the best way to proceed. We cannot endorse any particular Swarm home other than the original for an obvious reason. A 3rd party is never going to have the credibility of the originator. Furthermore, I think it would be cruel and unfair to pass it off on someone. Their intentions would always be questioned rightly or wrongly so we will always have to have a Swarm in-house at Whitakeronline.

In Europe, they are forming ad hoc groups on the fly using Social Media. They in turn Swarm out of these ad hoc groups then shut them down and move on. They don’t feel the need to set up shop for too long nor do they feel the need to explain themselves. They don’t have free speech like we do in the US. We do not endorse this for the Europeans nor do we think it is a bad idea. And in America I personally do not care if certain groups get together and do their own thing to get out the message. We won’t endorse it or condemn it. You are a free agents.

Also, we will never turn the Swarm into some top secret members only area, an area where you have to be vetted to join. That would be far too much like a membership organization and we have no interest in forming membership organizations. That is a self defeating proposition when it comes to our objectives.

The Swarm needs to be improved (and it will be). But even if we were to move the Swarm over to White Rabbit Radio’s servers and onto its own site, even if my tech team brought it to near perfection, it still would not be perfect for some rabbits. Having a website is one thing. Managing a growing website is quite another. There is no way to make everyone happy. Keep that in mind going forward.

Our enemies biological imperative is best explained by the big 3 media. They love “closed systems”. Our race’s biological imperative is best explained by the internet of today. We love “open systems”. Our race has the tendency to produce open systems that devour our enemies’ grand designs. We invent something and turn it loose only to have it turn the planet upside down. We do this without even realizing it. Months before the internet was cut loose into the public domain, how many realized our race had created a solution to address our huge problem with media access? Even right now as our problems seem large and insurmountable, someone in our race has probably already come up with a solution. And this solution will come out of nowhere and hit us just like the internet did. At BUGS, our historic mission has been to pave the way into a solution. Laying the groundwork with a consistent message.

In closing, our mantra seeds are starting to sprout giant white flowers. And this will only get more interesting. We have now had the first reports of Anti-Whites getting swarmed in their local areas. You can refer to FTWR-72 for some details. Basically, we have seen Swarmers take the initiative on their own at the local level. This has occurred without us telling them what to do. This is a milestone on par with the first dozen Swarmers. This development along with terms like Anti-White making mainstream progress mean only one thing. The Swarm is a lot bigger, broader and deeper than we thought, way beyond the point of being able to control it. Like a Hurricane that has just formed out in the ocean. Things will only get more entertaining and fun as this hurricane makes landfall.